Whipping the Nightmare

Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 at 6:32 PM
Subject: Whipping the Nightmare
research about robotics’ tech and sex-bots of today

Piezotronic – transistor mesh- robotic skin that senses
Actroid-SIT – can do sign language, gestures and talk in Japanese
is autonomous
Andy – a female robot – can breathe, kiss, have sex, move, has body heat and a heartbeat
two female robots that pole dance
female robotics that can suckle and gag
a robotic "saddle" for women
transhumanism – philosophy
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
robotics in the medical field is used quite amazingly for amputees’ limbs
and can do really fine surgeries

My Version of the story

I went to sleep beside my lover (both of us are doms) after having just had a fight about his fidelity. I was sure he was cheating on me and that was probably why I had the nightmare. If you want the prosaic version of events.
Or, the woman he was supposed to be seeing was a witch. And in her rage, after he used her for some fun and dumped her, decided to teach us a lesson. Though how I was responsible was beyond me?
this is my nightmare
It began as a sexy dream that started going more and more wrong. First, I got a very sexy pole dance routine from my sub. Oh I do love it when he does that. He was a bit stiff tonight,but ok I had just bruised him the other night so I giggled a bit in my power.
But then I noticed even his face was a bit stiff. I hadn’t hit his face… What was wrong? But he was still dancing so I kept watching.
Then I noticed he had odd joints, not like my sub’s at all. So I focused on them. There were lines on them? But by then the dance had me excited so I thought ok who cares?
He was a sexy boi so why should I care about lines on his knees? Or his hips?
And he was a good pole dancer, whether or not he was stiff, and pole dancing was often a sexy prelude to our love making. So I was warming up.
He came towards me and I sat up a bit so he could run his hands over me. part caress and part massage. I just adored when he did that usually, but for some reason tonight I kept seeing tentacles whenever I closed my eyes. And his hands were just a bit heavy on the massage, so I cautioned him. He couldn’t seem to grasp his usual rhythm but he backed off a bit. With the vision of tentacles I was a bit distracted, off my game.
He kissed me and for once I didn’t smell his usual breath freshener. I didn’t smell anything. His lips worked their way down my body to my groin. Again I saw tentacles and it was beginning to annoy me but not enough to end things.
He used his tongue and fingers to tantalize both my holes just the way he knew I liked.
I put my hand between us and started massaging my clitoris so he could focus on my holes more. I was getting really warm.
But then I saw the tentacles enter my body and got a bit freaked out.
My boi lifted his head and for the first time I saw his face up close and it dream woke me. (you know, dream within a dream?) It was a robot!!
I turned to my lover and saw he was having a good dream. He had a huge smile on his face and was pulling on his penis. The bugger! I went to wake him but at that second he started to scream. Ok maybe I’ll let him suffer a bit.
Robots can be sexy? Can’t they?
So I threw a pillow over my lover’s face to get him to turn over and shut up and rolled back into my dream.
The robotic boi then pulled up into me and started stroking inside my vagina. I felt a minor buzz and wondered if the penis was a vibrator? Hmm what an interesting thought. I wonder if that’s done to sex-bots?
Just as I was feeling good enough to get ready for a good cum I felt what I thought was a tentacle enter my butthole (I mean I think it was?? How would I know??)
I started squirming and pushing at the robot to get it the hell off me and started screaming till I woke up. I was shaking and sweating. So I turned to my lover and shook him awake. OMG what the hell was that???


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