Underneath Her Skirts

Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 7:08 PM
Subject: Fw: Underneath Her Skirts

Victorian/Penny Dreadful theme-

She was stunning in her white lace dress. It was perfectly fitted to her body. What on any other woman would have been a sack was scintillating on her. And it was all his. She was all his. Wasn’t she? There was a gleam in her eye that made him a bit cautious but oh he had to try. She was so sexy.

He stepped a bit closer and started playing with her neck ribbon. Just to see if she really wanted to tease or go a bit further, Her smile warmed his heart and made his sword start to pay attention. Sword? He grinned, yeah that word really popped into his head, but he had no clue why.

He slipped his hand down her sleeves and pulled them gently down her arms. Tugging until he saw the top of her slip. Surprisingly it was even whiter than her overblouse. It was loose enough that the slip moved with the blouse down her chest.

Dang!! These women and their infernal need for slimming their curves. Didn’t they know men loved a buxom woman in this era? Underneath her slip was a lacy bra that must have taken weeks to tat. It was so delicate. No, he couldn’t rip it off her like she was a street walker. He gently opened it, praying his callouses didn’t snag in the bra.

The next phase of undressing her was the purple corset resting gently under her bosom. Oh fer the love of!! Crikey!! He removed his hands from her sleeves and stepped behind her to be lady’s maid. He untied the ribbons and was quite impressed that they were pure silk. Why would a mother buy a delicate young lady such as her something no man would or should see? He couldn’t stop himself from grinning. More fun for him. He loved the feel of pure silk. Who didn’t? Finally the corset was off.

Her adorable bloomers came next. White lace with a purple thread shot through the tats and purple ribbons around the legs and waist. He ran a finger between her legs to be sure there was a slit there . Of course. The bloomers gently gave way once the ribbon was loosened and slid down her thighs.

The final layer was a tiny pair of panties made of pure silk yet again. Now he was stunned. This was something maybe a high price courtesan would wear. Not a well reputed young lady of good family. Who was she? She surely knew all the society protocols, so this was shocking him. Oh her buttocks were just as soft as the silk as he skimmed his hand over them to push the fabric down.

Once she was nude, he walked around her again to see what he had uncovered. To his surprise, he found her to be more beauteous than he had thought. Very few women stood up to the test of being stunning undressed like she did.

He looked her up and down and went in for a kiss. And that’s when he saw them. Under the nutmeg locks of her hair, there were elven shaped ears. What?? Suddenly, he was thrown to the floor by some unseen force and she was astride his back and mounting him with some instrument he had never come across outside a man’s club. Where the old men might need an aid and the young played with them as a joke. Noooo!! he shrieked as he felt it penetrate.

He was ill-used by this foul creature as no one ever had. Not even the older boys in school had done these dark deeds. He felt feathers running over his arms and looked. Wing tips?? What was she??

Oh he would never again let beauty sway him as it had tonight. He now knew it could be a trap. He closed his eyes and bore it out till she shuddered and slipped off him.

She seemed to be done. Then he felt the sword he had imagined earlier against his neck. His eyelids rose and he was horror struck by the madness in her face. She slowly ran the sword over his neck and barely drew blood, but he knew he would wear a scar.

Suddenly she disappeared in a puff of black smoke and he found himself in his bedroom. He stumbled to the bathroom down the hall just as his father came out of the master bedroom. Father took one look and grabbed a towel to help his son. "You’ve met her I see. Son, you must never speak of her outside my presence unless it is to your son in this circumstance. She is the dark elf who has cursed our male lineage. I’m sorry, son."


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