Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2015 at 6:46 PM

She found it in her apartment mailbox. Nothing distinctive or unusual about it. She opened it thinking it was a bill at first. Obviously it wasn’t or this story would be over. Dear Lacy, You may not know me, but we’ve met before and I’ve watched you for some time. I can’t get you out of my head now. Over and over, I’ve had this story go through my head and I wanted to see if I could stop it by writing it out. That helps sometimes. Not for this one though. So I thought I would send it to you and see if you would be even remotely interested. You will decide whether or not this story just stays my favourite fantasy or becomes our first sexual encounter. It begins with us meeting at a shopping mall when my trunk is open and I am loading my car with a few purchases. You walk by behind me and the smell of you just surrounds me. That moment becomes the watermark of my life. Instead of being the dutiful man I was up till that second, I became what others may call a monster. But what you may call by another name before this is over. I flipped you into the trunk and closed it before anyone noticed. And jogged to the driver’s seat, got in the car and started it up. You had by then begun to leave shock behind and bang on the hood of the trunk. I started the engine with a rev to cover your noise and pealed out of the mall parking lot. I drove for some time, calming myself down and trying to figure out if I was really going to do this. Was that really what I was going to be? The idea went through my head repeatedly and I finally said hell yeah. I have to. Just once. I drove out to my uncle’s abandoned farm and pulled behind the barn so no nosy neighbour would see and investigate. I opened the trunk and you tried to get away from me. But I was prepared. I had you by your waist and in the loft of the barn before you could really struggle much. There was a rope there that I hogtied you with and paused only long enough to catch my breath. Then I cut your clothes off. You were screaming by then, and I have to admit that really excited me. Yet you looked angry too. I have no idea if the screams were all fear. It’s possible they were rage as well. That would surely fit the look in your eye better. You were no shrinking violet. That made me smile. Good. That wasn’t what I wanted from you. I rubbed my hands over your body, teasing a response from your skin. I didn’t kid myself that you were enticed in a good way. But it was cold, you were naked and the skin in some places is sensitive and easy to stimulate. I put my hand on your throat and warned you, "Bite me and I’ll hurt you." I saw your eyes flicker before you nodded once. I unzipped my pants and put my turgid penis into your mouth, gasping as I felt the warmth surround me. You didn’t hurt me, but I’m sure I hurt you as I rammed into your throat pretty hard to open it. I rocked back and forth to create what I needed then used your throat brutally till I came. You were crying as I took my last joy of the good feeling. I lay down beside you to rest, but played with your nipples while I rested. I was quite mean and twisted them and tugged them. I pinched and even bit them, despite having warned you about just that behaviour. Then I moved to your genitals and explored the area. I pushed and pulled the folds and almost punched into you with a few fingers. Like you were a piece of meat I was tenderizing. Definitely nothing lover-like about it. I felt you try to buck away with revulsion, but didn’t allow it. I added each finger and finally my thumb and fisted you as far as I could get in. Your body was no where near ready for my efforts and I saw how much it hurt you in your eyes. I pulled my arm out and flipped you over. I found a rake and brought it over to you. I saw the confused look in your eyes. If I whacked your butt with it, that would hurt. If I used it to penetrate either of your orifices, that would demean you as well. I had my plan. There was some horse liniment on a window sill for some reason. Why it was there, I have no idea since the horses were never in the loft… I did know that it burned, but was great at relaxing tense muscles. I applied it to the area of your genitals, using your top to be sure my hand wasn’t covered in the gunk. You were seriously hurting and were squirming to get away from the liniment burning you. I slowly and almost tenderly inserted the rake pole in your vagina. Then increasingly rocked it inside you. Till you had about a foot’s length in you. Your body kept clutching it and relaxing, not wanting the pole inside you. But unable to stop the invasion. I could see how much the situation bothered you. I smiled and you glared at me. That made me chuckle. At that second, I realized that I had no idea what I would be in for when I was done using you. Hmmm. I left that thought for later. And continued to use the pole inside you. I ground it on the bottom of your tunnel and on the sides and that’s when I realized for the first time ever. You weren’t into it. You were horrified and angry. But when I touched certain parts with a good bit of firmness, you expelled liquid. It wasn’t all good liquid either. I must have disturbed your bladder. I didn’t make that mistake twice. I was kind of grossed out by it. So I pulled the pole out of you. I gave your butt a good thwack for grossing me out. This was supposed to be hot. Then I pulled my belt off and whipped your back as I didn’t expect or enjoy being grossed out just when I was getting warmed up to the activity again. There went that good feeling. But your screaming helped me get back in the mood again. I stopped whipping you and started playing with your genitals again, but didn’t go in quite as far with the pole. You seemed to be giving up and that was not on my agenda either. I wanted you mad or afraid, not lifeless and distant. So I pulled the pole out of you and smacked your buttocks. When that didn’t work, I smacked your face. And again. There, that look was back in your eyes. I yanked you by your hair and positioned you so I could access your butt hole. I pushed fingers in and rimmed just inside you till your muscles relaxed. Then I put my penis inside you and started rocking till your body relaxed and accepted what I was doing. You were crying again. I pushed harder and harder till I had to give in to my needs and begin to plow the hole. I did try to be cautious, but in my excitement I’m sure I hurt you more than I intended to. Finally (in your mind I’m sure), I achieved orgasm. And slumped against you. I could feel a bit of burning against the base of my testicles from the edge of where I had applied the liniment so I had to move away sooner than I would have liked to. To give me recompense for that loss, I made you lick the head of my penis clean. But now what? I had to be back in the town soon and I had no idea what to do with you… I mean I draw the line at murder but you were angry. Would you tell? Who would you tell? I zipped up and went down to the barn stalls. Thinking… Ok Lacy, That’s where I get to and I need your help to understand how your brain works. But most of all I need to know, if I gave you the chance to be abducted and raped by a virtual stranger, would you do it? If so, take your lipstick out of your pocket and write the word yes on your mailbox. I’m watching you right now. I need the answer…

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