The Hen Party

Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 at 7:21 PM
Subject: The Hen Party
He was sashayed around the group of us and his parts were teased mercilessly, his butt was slapped. He was tripped so we could giggle over the pratfalls.
He was sent running for anything we wanted.

The Pet
He was ordered to his hands and knees and made to beg and bark for treats. He was given a bowl to lap from and the ladies enjoyed his wagging tail and his kisses.

The Sissy
We had him strip and bathed so we could begin his transformation. He was corseted, put into stockings and heels and tap pants first. Then we did his face after shaving him. My what a pretty gurl indeed. A few of my friends were a bit jealous when he looked better than them. Then we found a french maid’s outfit and the transformation was complete.

The Dungeon Slave
We tied him to the cross and the ladies took turns whipping and pegging him,till he had no more to give and we had to cut him down. I’d feel sorry for him if he were human?

The Human Toilet
The ladies had a chance to say goodbye by using him as their toilet. Thank goodness for that drain… (whew!!)


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