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She was a true sadist, which is pretty rare for a woman. And it made it really easy that she is a gorgeous creature many men and some women drool over. Long sexy legs, pale skin like alabaster, long legs, perfect 38D breasts with small nipples, and a curvy but fit butt that was eminently spankable. The guy who tried would lose his arm though. Her hair is titian and her eyes looked like nutmeg till she got angry, then they seemed to turn black like obsidian.

She was on the prowl, looking for the first member of her stable. So she patrolled the gay bars till she found him. He reminded her of her first lover who had abandoned her to her fates when she told him she was pregnant. Tall, blue eyes, blond hair and a light tan. Built like a runner, just fit. She had an abortion because he was not the man she had hoped for. He stole the only bit of heart she had in her with that decision and now she wanted a chance to show a man what pain felt like.

They chatted and she found out he was bisexual and into things that would help her get him back to her place very easily. Her toys were all there she said. They would have everything she needed and he was shy a few critical elements. So he agreed. Perfect. They went back to her place, a refitted warehouse on the edge of town. A few blocks from any neighbour. Private.


They spent the token period with him getting used to following her lead and building his trust so she could betray him. Like she had been. They talked for hours a day about his hopes, fears and griefs.

She liked making him really intensely excited and having him masturbate over her teasing of him. She liked the thought of him getting so excited for her but her refusing his touch unless after a scene. He could make himself come once. But he wasn’t allowed to touch her unless after they were in scene in her special chamber.

In the chamber, he was tied naked to a cross and she pierced his skin over and over with needles, everywhere but where he wanted most. He had told her his fantasy was to perform the ceremony. She refused till he had been her toy for a while. So for now, he was pierced on the upper arms and the thighs. Over and over again. Until he was shaking and pleading with her to please stop. For now she would. He really came to trust in her keeping to her promises about the safe word. That made her smile.

Then they went to her bed and she tied him to the posts and sat on his face as he thoroughly explored her genital area with his tongue. When he had managed to bring her repeatedly to orgasm, she went between his legs and used her favourite dildo to build up his interests in anal sex with her. He had done it with a man but hard plastic was more unforgiving. Metal was coming. But he didn’t know that yet.

Inch by inch over weeks she finally got it all the way in and slowly built up the speed. She also put a finger just behind his testicles to massage his prostate until he was screaming and begging for release. She said he would get that when he was in the ceremony and stopped the activity. Oh she had so much fun teasing him. He was starting to have love/hate feelings for her and that was her goal. Perfect.


She took him to the tattoo salon of a friend of hers for this step. He was stripped in a back room and the payment was for him to let the owner use him sexually before the tattoo. He gave the owner a long teasing blow job, lick by lick until the owner flipped him over and rammed his cock up her toy’s butt and went for his orgasm. No thought was given to her toy’s pleasure.

When he was done, the toy was allowed to have a hip bath for hygiene’s sake and the tattoo began. He was getting a tramp stamp with her name on it.In cyrillic. With pretty white orchids surrounding the name. No stops. just an endless writing by needle on his lower back. He was shaking, gagging and crying by the end. He looked at her like she was the devil. For just a moment.

She kissed him when she saw he was getting self control again and watched as the love and lust came back in his eyes.


Finally, she thought he was ready. She told him the day before, so he had time to get really really excited about the fantasy coming true. He couldn’t stop touching himself. The look of ardour in his eyes was priceless.

She invited a few female friends to her place for the event. He served them in a breech cloth and nothing else.They loved that. She thought he did too by the smile on his face.

The last part was to tie him to the cross and very little changed to cue him into the fact that this was not quite what he had described to her. His hands and feet were bound to the cross and he grinned. His waist was tied to the cross and his smile got bigger. The bottom half of the cross moved and he looked at her cuzz he had never known it was mobile. She winked at him. His legs were spread. Till they were as far apart and up toward his hips as they could get.

Then she put the brace around his neck and he started to panic a little. He had no way out of the binds or even to turn his head. She ran her fingers thru his hair and he settled down.

She iced his nipples a bit and used a metal wire to sew around them. Then she pierced the nipple. She put a piercing in his belly button. Then she used more metal wire to sew around the edge of his testicles. And to create a line up his shaft from balls to slit.

Her last preparation was to insert the metal dildo into his rectum. It was about 2 inches longer than he was used to and he felt the difference.


She watched his eyes as she pulled her tazer out of the case. She had never used it with him and he was getting scared. And now she wanted him to be scared. She turned it on low and started tracing the metal she had just sewn on his skin. It irritated him and made him nervous. Up a setting and it was just beginning to hurt him. He wasn’t really excited anymore. He looked at her like a puppy she had just kicked.

Each of the women surrounded him and drew out their own tazer. They all set it to hurt hum. For the next couple hours they tormented him and at some point he started screaming. Then he couldn’t anymore, so they gave him water and let him relax a minute.

He thought it was over and calmed down. Until they began again. For so long he kept looking at her begging. Until finally he couldn’t anymore. That’s when she knew they were over. He understood that it was never about him, love, or even lust. He was just her surrogate.

When they let him go, he made two promises. He’d never trust a domme again and no one would be binding him ever again.

He took the police back to the warehouse but it was so clean they thought he had made a mistake about the location and refused to test the building. He knew he had no proof except the scars by which he would never forget them. But he had no credibility.


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