Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 4:30 PM
she was hell bent on revenge!! her sisters had been mistreated by these puritans long enough. now she had a chance to show them!! so she would.

her first sub

it was all about water with him. she made him carry buckets of water for her baths even though she had indoor plumbing. she had him give himself enemas at least once a week. he hand washed her lingerie and her woolens. he stepped in and was her body servant. he scrubbed her every inch of skin. and massaged her after every bath and shower. he removed any unwanted hair from her body. it was all done well or she doused him with cold water until he was shaking so hard when she got mad at him. she made him give her oral sex in her tub till one day he almost drowned cuzz she had an orgasm and he wasnt able to get to the air fast enough to breathe. if she hadnt realized he would be a dead sub today. she adored watching him surrounded by water.

but her favourite thing was to play out the scene like her sisters faced in olden days. she kept immersing his head until he told her every dirty secret he and his friends had ever had. then when she was sure she had his every secret, she would baptize him. over and over in her lake.

the poor sub had become quite hydrophobic. but she still took great delight in torturing him.

the second sub

the second sub was about fire. she made him burn himself with matches every time he looked at her. or made the mistake of being on his feet when she came into his presence. or failed to be there when she needed a door opened or closed, or a chair adjusted so she could be comfortable. anything hot he was to handle. stoke the logs , carry steamy water, start the stove chop the wood for it as well. she branded him when he first arrived and again each year on the anniversary of the day she first laid eyes on him. she loved listening to him scream.

but her favourite thing was to bind him with chains to a platform and threaten him with death in the fire she laid around him. one time it got so close to him she had to pour water on his body quickly cuzz he was actually losing consciousness from the smoke. she sat there masturbating as she watched him wonder if this would be the time she finally wanted him to die. she saw it in his eyes. and considered it her victory when she saw his life no longer mattered too him

the third sub

this one was about being contained. he was left in a cell for all but an hour a day. he had a neck collar on, his wrists and ankles had cuffs on , when he walked he had a leash on. he was chained to his cot. he was fed from a plate and no utensils. he was wrapped at night and tied to the bench he slept on with only his groin and butthole accessible. so the guard could finger him anytime they wanted to. when he washed he was de-liced and inspected for lesions to humiliate him

but her favourite thing was to watch as the guards raped his butthole or made him orally service them. no care at all was taken in him feeling good. and just to make it clear how vulnerable he was , every now and then, they would lead him to the executioners’ platform and a rope was placed around his neck and they hung him long enough that they had to bring him back to life again.

and she enjoyed inviting her friends over to stockade him so they could pelt him with rotten fruit and vegetables so they could shame him like her sisters had been shamed by the village children. and a few of the girls enjoyed playing men with double prong dildos inserted so they could use his butthole as if it were he standing in for those women.

the fourth sub

was her infant. he was not allowed to move a finger without looking at her for permission. he was dressed either as an infant in swaddling or as her lusty playtoy. he had something in his mouth at all times and his hands were wrapped so he couldnt scratch himself. he was put in a cot unless he was meant to be servicing her and never was left in a room all by himself. he might injure himself or wreck some furnishing. if he moved around he had to crawl or butt scurry as if he were six months old. and all he could eat was mash. it looked like something someone else had thrown up first.

but her favourite thing was for him to be nursing at one of her three devil’s nipples. hahahahahhahahha.

and that was the way she got back at the men for what had been done to her dear sisters.


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