Steps to Redemption (Otherkin’s Romance)

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Hope was a silly girl, a naive flibberty-jibbet, and a gossip. She was the life of any event planned, so she was often invited to parties and dances. She was on the edge of the in crowd. She was also gorgeous and had a very sexy body. And it drew unwanted attention from most men and some women. They wanted her around but they were also jealous of her.

But worse still, the angels and demons often came to watch her in those moments when she thought she was alone and safe. They often fought to keep the other side away from her. There was a fear that she was causing unrest between the two other worlds, beyond some young scamps with too much time on their hands. The supervisors were watching closely, and their underlings were unaware of this stern watching.

Finally, the angelic supervisors had had enough. They sent in one of their most trusted guards of the Seraphim. He was told to shield her from the eyes of these supernatural stalkers. His name was Tien. Up until the second he saw Hope, he had a stellar reputation.

Tien took one look at Hope and he fell in lust. Till she opened her silly mouth to comment on something she obviously knew nothing about. He howled in laughter and could be heard through the halls of heaven. The supervisors were sure she was safe under his protection and went back to their normal duties.
The demon supervisors weren’t so sure. Okay he may not want her forever, but they knew the power lust could have even over the most stalwart of angel. It had happened many times before. The demons set up a betting pool. How much time would it take before he seduced her?

Poor Hope had no idea she was the object of all this lewd attention. She would have been mortified as she was an innocent and good girl. Her only "sin" was the gossip. She was just young and foolish. Aren’t we all (most) at some point?

Tien began his job shielding her with high expectations. But each time he saw her, his lust grew. Though by the end of the day, he was howling again over her unlearned mind. If only the gillie would shut up, the demons who had bet for that day would often cry. Some were considering making a spell to do just that, they had lost so much money. It may have taken longer, but the day came.

In his lust, Tien could stand it no longer. He presented himself to Hope in human form, and danced with her and wined her, till finally she gave in. He used all his angelic beauty and grace to seduce the poor girl. The demon with that day in the pool watched in rapture he hadn’t felt in centuries.

Seducing an innocent takes a bit longer, but Tien had no qualms as he continued to work toward her denouement. He stroked her and titillated her with just a hint of angelic magic in his touch. He kissed her with just a hint of the dark passions the Seraphim gather during their centuries of duty and honour. The frustration they grow in their hearts at those who challenge them and the limitations they feel on their powers in the grand scheme of things. Things they have no say or control over. No amount of faith can stop those feelings. Not over centuries. It was like a grit in their souls.

Finally, Tien spread her naked legs and entered her body as a man (hidden Seraphim) and the demon of the day shrieked in glee. The stunned supervisors of the angels watched in horror as their trust was broken. Tien’s order shuddered. He had just lost his wings. As he flipped her over and took her anal virginity as well, uncaring for her purity, the horror of his actions was felt by the angelic realms. He had disgraced her. So now he must feel the weight of it.

A thunderclap went through the heavens which finally broke through Tien’s haze. He looked up and roared as he felt himself change into a werewolf. As his body changed, he could feel his jism entering her body. And Hope had no clue what had happened but she saw the bestial rage in his eyes and was petrified of her lover. She shrank from him. As his last act toward her that night, he made her lick his penis clean. Then he bowed and wept for what he had lost and the angelic chorus shrieked. He had no guilt for what he had done. None at all. The demons were howling in glee though. They put the winner of the pool on their massive shoulders and jigged through their caves. Hope just whimpered. Tien had at least shielded her so she had no idea of the impact of the night. She had only lost her innocence.


Tien was dragged before his supervisor in chains of heavenly strength no metal on earth compared to, so he would harm none of the heavenly host as he was brought to hear the sentence he faced. His sentence was hammered into him and he deflated before their eyes. He would be bound to Hope till she was taught the graces of an angel in training. He finally understood the impact of his actions on the supernatural world.

He returned to earth and was changed back into a man until it was seen if he could accomplish his task. Yet every full moon he was forced to be a werewolf until she knew what grace truly was.

Hope’s first lesson was truth. Tien put a girdle of gold around her waist that tightened till she corrected her statements to the absolute truth. Soon she had only truth in her soul and the girdle loosened. Yet she retained her lesson. Tien was pleased.

Then came the lesson of trust. Tien blindfolded her with a blind of silver. She could only see when she walked and loved with an open heart. As the days went by, she saw more and more. Tien was starting to enjoy this girl and feeling some affection toward her again.

Respect was the following lesson. Tien put a choker collar on her neck and prodded her with a shock every time she failed to treat herself and others with kindness and charity. She soon gave of her time and her love freely and spoke with nothing but grace in her heart. And Tien actually began to like Hope again.

Empathy was the next to last lesson. Tien thought about this one and first hobbled her knees then her ankles and made her crawl and beg for every morsel of kindness humanity had to give, only to realize there isn’t much. And be heartbroken by this lesson and the realization of how much of that she had done till then. He held her as she cried and felt the first tear burn through his own soul and become love. He bowed his head in wonder.

The last lesson was honour. Tien put a bar between her buttocks and her neck. He fastened it with a heavy chain. Then he presented the ills of the world to her and asked what her judgment was of them. They debated for years till finally she had a reasonable and just view. And he smiled. So did the angelic host.
Tien had succeeded with his enormous task. She was a wise woman. The bar fell from her and she could walk among the lower angels if she chose.

The first case that came before her was the case of Tien’s behaviour toward her. Though she wasn’t told the who of it. She asked only that he be offered the chance to be selfless, to gain back what his lust had cost him. He in his turn offered to walk away from her and never lay eyes on her again if it would harm her to have him near. By then he was deeply in love and the angelic host could feel it. It was palpable.

His supervisor turned him into an otherkin. Part man, part werewolf and part angel. Only on the full moon would he wander as a wolf. Only on high days of grace and heavenly celebration would he wander as an angel. But the rest of the time he would be a man. Hope was asked if she wanted him near her. All of the heavens and the demonic underworld held their breath as they waited for her answer.

She lowered her eyes for a moment, though it seemed like an eternity to Tien. With tears in her eyes, she looked at him and said YES.
The final sentence came from on high, Tien would only be a werewolf till she became her true self, a cherub. They had both been redeemed. There was a party in the angelic realms and even a few demons were grinning. After all who doesn’t like a tale of true love?


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