Sent: Sunday, May 03, 2015 at 4:31 PM

You walked into my rooms knowing what i would ask of you because a friend referred you to me. Yet you came here. Which means you are curious and want me to make you explore your sexuality. well ok then.
Here’s what i do. Decide if you wish to remain after you hear my list from me.
And understand we will do this. My way.

I like to play with your mind, make you really consider what it takes to be a man, what a man is. We women have been forced to do this why shouldnt men? So i will groom you to be a woman and see where your idea of being a man stands up to it.

From today, in your off hours from work and family responsibilities, you will do as i ask of you as a woman.

At work even, you will fulfill some obligations to me and my training. You will wear a woman’s undergarments, be the first to leap for the phone, get the coffee and do the typical women’s chores there that you usually ask your assistant or secretary to do. But aren’t part of her job. You will give me your assistant’s phone number and introduce us so i can check on you.

At home you will be the one to keep the family schedule and talk with the kids’ teachers or sitters. You will go out of your way to appreciate your wife and all she does as her second job. you will assist and learn properly when she has tasks to do. You will not ever again sit while she works for you, your home and your kids. I will become a guest in your home so i can ask your wife how you do. I am a new business contact you want to wine and dine. When you have learned all the tasks properly you will give your wife a vacation from the household tasks. You will shift your focus onto the balance of work and family vs just career.

For your image, we will go to a stylist friend of mine who will make you over into as gorgeous a woman as you can become and you will purchase the equipment necessary to do it properly. You will have several outfits that you must wear at all times you are here and when we go out together. Plus your new work underwear.

For our play time i want you in a corset and heels properly made up. You will wear a collar and leash. At times you will wear sanitary garments as if you are menstruating and wear an empathy belly as if you are pregnant.

We will engage in ass play. No not mine, yours. You will understand the preparation and mood it takes to wish to be penetrated by your lover because you will be. At my whim and fancy, not yours.

We will discuss such things as you being used by or raped by men. We will go thru the fantasies in and out of our sexual moods so you understand how it feels to be barraged by male sexuality. Everywhere you look.

To graduate from my class you must accomplish all of this. If you refuse you will be off my friend list. I wont accept any further contact. Now do you understand me?

"Yes Ms Peachie, I do".

Good boy. Let’s begin then.


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