Silver ( a vampiress story)

Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2015 at 3:50 PM
Subject: Fw: Silver ( a vampiress story)

Idea from these two songs

Cliff Richards

She had always been told that vampires can’t see themselves or be seen in a mirror. Being curious and newly awakened, she wanted to know if it was true.
So after the circus was closed down for the night, she wandered into the funhouse.
Oh she saw herself 😦

She saw all her rage first. There in flashes of black, she stood. Had she known she was storing that much anger in life she might have done more to let it go.

She saw her shame. Collected from all the guilt shoved down her throat by priests and her family. Yet she hadn’t really done anything worthy of all the magenta swirls she saw in the mirror. Her head bowed a bit. Oh how could they!

She saw her grief and wondered how such loss had been heaped onto a child’s head by so many. And what merciful god would allow such harm to the innocent. The swirls were deep blue.

Then she saw her fear. The core of her emotional turmoil. Such a bright startling shade of yellowish orange. She couldn’t believe there was so much. What a waste of human spirit to be so afraid.

She couldn’t see her human form, but she sure knew she was there. Was it a sight meant only for her eyes then? A janitor came by and he looked over his shoulder, almost right at her. So she walked through his frame to see if he could feel her as well. He shivered and hurried out the doors of the funhouse. She laughed low, slow and sexy. Good to know. That could be fun to explore later.

She took all this emotion as self delusion though. There was no real reason for any of it, yet the mirror was showing it. No wonder she was here, walking as the undead. Is this what happened to you if you were so bound to turmoil in real life? Oh no, that was ghosts. Right. The tortured, the vengeful.

What was the other theory she had heard? Oh sure, that someone had to have turned her into a vampiress. Well if they had, she sure didn’t remember it. Wasn’t there supposed to be a seduction scene, a rape, a taking over of her soul? And most especially, the coupe de grace, the bite. Well she sure didn’t recall that. She would have liked that. 😛

Though she had heard that some vampires were made and some were born or bred. If that were true, wouldn’t her family have other vampires? Hmm she had always thought she was so different from them. Were they her true family? How odd that would be to awaken and know that her whole life was a lie. The cruelest of all ironies. Her family loved to tell themselves that they had so much integrity. How could they have kept such a secret from her? She heard a deep growl and turned quickly to see where it came from. All she saw was a vague four-legged shape. A huge bushy tail. Massive, but undefined. Along with the colours, was that a sign of who she was? She couldn’t make out the beast type, but again, massive.

What else was there to find? She slowly walked through the funhouse, looking for any other spirits and at the very end, she found her human shade. Or that’s what she took it to be. Poor timid child. Never allowed to grow in safety and peace. Stunted by a bad model and lack of parenting. She felt a tear on her cheek and swept it off. Only to realize it was blood, not salt. So unfair really. She had done all she could to nurture herself. But how could she, if she had never been taught how? And now for eternity, she was condemned. Just like the priests had taught. But how was she at fault, if she was simply the end result, not the source? Yes, unfair.

She heard a brushing sound and looked for the origin. There, a black shadow, an imp it looked like. Was that friend or foe? Or was that her? She reached out her senses and blew a sigh of relief. Yes it was part of her. What luxurious wings. 🙂 This she would like.

The janitor peaked back in and slowly entered. She came toward him again and started to tease him. Brushing his body and soon gathering the impression that he was getting excited by her. So she kept titillating him till he pulled his penis out of his zipper. She stepped into his body and felt the recognition. He knew he wasn’t alone. She bared her teeth and gnashed at him, like a wild animal who was afraid would. She felt the blood pulsing through his body, in his aroused state. She saw a shimmer where he stood as he masturbated, faster and faster. He was confused by his state.

She put visions into his head. At first he was startled, since he had never dreamed such things when he was aroused. First her as a grown woman in her prime. He calmed down and smiled. Ok then, he thought. Then her as a beast. He was kind of weirded out by that but not enough to stop touching himself. So she sent the demoness to him. In his mind, he was used in a dark rite of fertility. Scratched, bitten, teased, tortured by a thick, wooden PADDLE and whips. Then he saw his penis severed and screamed as he ejaculated. She laughed and he heard her. He thought it was the demoness. No, it was her. Poor thing was shivering and she reveled in his experience.

When he could stand, he quickly left the funhouse. That made her giggle. She wondered if she would ever see him again. Either way, someone would be back to clean the place, or she would move on.

What fun she was looking forward to if this was her capability when she had just awakened 🙂

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