Ride of the Valkyries

Sent: Monday, December 07, 2015 at 8:31 PM
Subject: Fw: Ride of the Valkyries

Richard Wagner https://youtu.be/XRU1AJsXN1g

They were coming to collect the souls of the newly dead warriors. Rarely were the valkyries shocked or dismayed. After all they had been doing this for thousands of years. As long as humanity had existed. They had seen zealots and rebels try to take more than their share, in the name of faith and justice.

They knew the idealistic youth were what made armies so strong. And they knew peace never lasted. It was a perpetual cycle, empire following empire, till they bled into each other.

They knew that young men and women thought they knew what was best for everyone and were willing to risk their lives. But didn’t really believe they would be the one who actually was maimed or died, to change a world that didn’t want to change.

The field was bloody, the bodies were ripe and it was the saddest statement of what humanity thought of these youth that the human vultures always beat the valkyries to the battlefield. These vultures grabbed clothing, pocket caches, even the fillings in the newly dead’s teeth. These youth who had died were now fodder for these vultures to pick from. Without even a prayer.

Occasionally, the valkyries even stumbled on an isolated, fallen warrior who was being molested by the vultures. One wing slap and the predator was dispatched to their fate.

Finally gathered and given their final prayers and rites by the attending valkyries, the warriors were carried to Valhalla. To be greeted with much honour. Valhalla was their heaven after all.

Many young valkyries wandered through the halls attending to the somewhat confused warriors and offering them solace.

Then when they were up to speed, the party began.
There was dancing, music and a lot of imbibing of wine and food. But for these young warriors, the best care was the orgy. Bodies were everywhere, like a different kind of battlefield. Only this struggle had no sadness, rage, fear or pain. Every warrior was adept and focused now. All ready to celebrate their due.

Odin was pleased with the day’s work. What god wouldn’t be?


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