Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 4:32 PM

It’s gotta be dark of course and somewhere i feel threatened by. So an alley usually works for me. Or a transitional state like a car, truck, bus, train and now I guess plane. Rarely do I chose my home, my bed as the place I get raped. Understand?

Personally I prefer one or two assailants. Not really into the whole gang thing, but add on if you want. Though thinking about it? Three has it’s advantages. lol

If there’s one, I need a threat or drug, (my choice makes me compliant or easily suggestible, not comatose) cuzz I’m not easily contained and /or placid. I need to be subdued by more than one guy can do. Most guys anyway.

And I’m not a fool, so often I use another woman as a lure to get me where I need to go. BITCH!! Why would a woman do that to another woman?!! But you get where I’m going here.

And then there’s the bondage possibilities.

(fyi, just gotta say this though, many women work thru power issues in a rape fantasy . It doesnt meant they want to be treated like that ever!!) CAVEAT!!


We were sitting in a truck stop at the counter and just easily chatting. The waitress had called me over cuzz she and i had met before and introduced him as her friend (but I found out later was his wife) or I wouldnt have given him the time of day. Never met him before that day and he wasnt really my thing. Ok maybe the time, but not much else. I think he knew that too. It may explain what he did next or maybe he just wanted a sure thing. You know what’s coming of course, he slipped a pill into my juice.

Then he waited for it to take effect. Started testing it with little things so he knew I was his toy. He asked me if I would open another button on my blouse. so I did. He told me to take off my left shoe and give it to him. So i did. That kind of thing. Then even though I had a car outside, he told me to say loudly that I was grateful he would give me a ride. So I did. Finally he told me to come with him happily, fun and flirtatious. So I did. Grabbed his arm and leaned into him like we were on a date, kissed his ear and smiled . That kind of thing. We walked out together. Laughing and cozying up.

We get to the truck and he tells me to cuddle up and start necking with him for the show. So I did. I madly macked on the guy and he started feeling up my butt so everyone could see and even gave my breasts a good feel. Then he told me to open all my blouse buttons. So I did. He told me to open my bra. So I did.He grabbed my nipples, told me to be quiet, and twisted them. Now that hurts, right? But I didnt make a sound. At that point he knew he could get me into the truck. lol. So he did.


When he had me in the truck, he told me to remove all my clothes and be bold like I would be with my fave lover. Turn him on some with a tease. He put on some music and I did my best ripper routine, taking off my blouse and bra then my skirt and panties. He told me to take my stockings off. Thats when I saw I was really starting to excite him.Even drugged it clicked why. He was going to tie me up with them. It may have been why I was picked.

I was partly right. He did take my hands and tie them behind my back. But then he also wrapped one around my neck really tightly. Ohoh!! He teased my nipples till they were really hard then put clamps on them he had in his lock box. Ohoh.

He turned me over his knee and spread my butt cheeks and inserted his fingers into my pussy and told me his touch was delish to me and anything he did or said would turn me on. and ohhhh i could feel it begin. I doused his fingers even before he began to move them. He gave me a few quick and hard fucks with them then withdrew. I whimpered. He slapped my butt cheeks hard and furious and called me a bitch, a slut, a whore. He told me I was a tease and needed to be taught a lesson in how a man liked his woman to treat him. I was in tears before he was done his spanking. He had some meaty hands on him! And he took joy in telling me my butt cheeks were red and would hurt for a bit by the looks of them He was right too. He rubbed them then put his fingers in my pussy again. He told me I was nice and wet for him and I moaned and wiggled my butt all sexy for him.

Then he withdrew them again and i whimpered again. He pinched my clit and twisted it hard. Told me I was a dirty slag and needed a firm hand. I should be glad I met him. When my clit was nice and hard, he put a clamp on it. Ohoh.

Thats when he threw me into the cot and started the truck. Ohoh. This was not the place where he would be doing his raping. We drove for a while and I was crying even with the drug he had given me. But when he heard the first whimper he told me to shut it or he’d toss me out naked. Just as I was. I shut it,not like I had a choice did I? Ohoh.


By the time we got there i was seriously cramped up so all I know is we had been driving around a while while he was thinking and planning. Probably grabbing his balls while he thought of me there naked and tied at his demand. At his every whim, I’d be his slave.

He carried me into the warehouse and put me down on a stack of flats and I could see he was drooling with more than his mouth by the look his eyes had. He took a cloth handkerchief out of his shirt pocket, wiped my face and put it in my mouth. I seriously think it was the look he was going for. Cuzz I was his obedient slave by then. Then he went to the corner and made a couple of phone calls. Ohoh. This cant be a good thing. If he wanted me on his own, he’d begin the show, right? Even with the drug, I was getting this was maybe more than I could handle.

While we were waiting, he kept fingering my pussy and even put a finger up my butthole. Told me his friends were joining us and any hole they chose to use would be theirs to abuse and i should just lay back and enjoy it. Ohhhhh, yeah I could see how that might happen. I was soaking wet now and his finger had me sloshing. He smiled and told me I could have an orgasm if I did something he wanted. I practically drooled at the thought until I saw the look in his eyes. Ohoh. He said he wanted to watch me cross the floor tied as I was. so he put me down and I began wiggling but he kicked me down further until my face was my guide and i barely could wiggle. No hands and knees in this crawl. Then he shoved me over on my back. I crawled till my skin on my back and butt began to feel raw. Finally he let me stop when he heard another truck pull up. The grin on his face was bordering on stupid.


They took one look at me and began to shuck out of their clothes. I got the feeling this was not a virginal performance at all. Ohoh. i was put onto the pallets again and they drew straws to see who got what hole. My driver was the one who got my butthole and his teeth just gleamed at the thought of what he was about to do. He removed the gag, then his friend took over. He slapped my face several times and told me it had better be my best blow job ever or I’d get more. I barely nodded that i understood. Ohhh that hurt, or at least I thought it did at that moment.

Then they removed the clamps and when the feeling came back i screamed! All that got was them moving to their hole with a smile and chuckle. OMG,, they were hard as rocks and one mentioned something about thanking science for a lil blue pill. Ohoh. This was no three minute show! I almost passed out from the thought of what I was about to go thru! Ohhhhhnooooooooooooo!!

A hard cock slipped into each hole and i began the job. Sucking, drooling, moaning and rocking to their motion. While they bucked and growled and slapped any part they could reach and pinched any part they could grab hold of. I was seriously winding up but driver leaned in and barked I wasnt allowed to cum till he said I could. OH OH ohnoooo. My hair was grabbed and my head yanked about and even banged against the pallet once or twice. I almost lost contact with the world and could feel a bit of blood trickle. oh ouch bloody hell. But all they did was smile a bigger smile. I thought this cant be good for me at all….. A tear slipped out of my eye. Finally, they all blasted a hole and no near part of me remained dry!


I thought it was done, but the driver said with a chuckle that I still had to come. Ohhh um that cant be bad, right? And almost drooled, till I looked in their eyes. Ohh ohh nnoooooo! Somehow I dont think they want to lick my clit for me. I started to cry, but one look from driver and it was all with my eyes.

They took off the tie to my hands and I almost felt relief. Till they hung me from a rafter and OMG I knew! They were gonna whip me!! The hand kerchief was back in my mouth, the stocking at my neck was pulled tighter so I could hardly breathe. The clamps were returned to my nipples and clit. And a blindfold was put on. I Just hung there knowing this was where it got really bad, really impersonal. I wet myself. And they laughed.

I could hear their pants jingle and the instruments became clear. It would be their belts. The driver told me I was to get real excited cuzz he would tell me when it was my turn to cumm. OHh I wasnt even liking the thought by then at all!

When I was properly tensed in anticipation, the blows began. Just screaming leather and thumps against my skin and my muffled screams thru the gag in my mouth. But thru it all no matter my will? My pussy got wetter and wetter with each blow. I was trying to rub my legs together but the clamp kept it from doing any good at all.

When they were finally worn out and I was in as much pain as I could take? I thought. The driver removed each clamp and fingered the place after I stopped reacting to the pain there. He even gave me a quick suckle. And I wanted to cum so bad, but he hadnt yet said I could.

What could he possibly be waiting for? I was poked, pinched, beaten, bitten and bruised. What more could he want my body to go thru. I just hoped whatever it was I would live it thru.

Some long matches came out and my nipples were tortured with the flame. OMG i just screamed!! Then my clit was burned , I pissed myself again and they laughed again and just as I was lost in my own dark mind and not sure if I even wanted to live it thru, the stocking around my neck was tightened and I started to choke. Thats when I was told that if I wanted to survive and have my orgasm? It had to be now.

Even if I had wanted to refuse and supposing the drug still had all effect? I wasnt sure but I was fighting for my life and had been stimulated in so many ways so new!! My body just did as it was told and whether it was the choking or the permission and cum, I passed out. I hung there for what pleasure they had next I did not know.


I woke up in my car so sore but joyous I could hardly move. Still naked and bloodied and bruised. I turned on the ignition and drove home. I spent at least an hour in the tub crying and showering. I knew that was one diner i now would be avoiding.

Then I went to my bed and lay down.You would think it would be to cry and whine about dying? To wonder if I’d ever feel safe again, but maybe what I did was worse.

I pulled a double prong dildo out of my drawer and stuffed it into my nether holes and turned on the vibe. I pinched, bit and suckled my own nipples. And when I began cumming? I scratched myself and really dug my hands in and laughed. Cuzz whatever they had done? Now I could cumm whenever I wanted to!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhh yeahhhh lollll ohhh yeahhhh mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm


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