ONE OF FEW FEMALE NECROMANCERS (Blood, Sex and Perverted Faith)

Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2015
Subject: Fw: ONE OF FEW FEMALE NECROMANCERS (Blood, Sex and Perverted Faith)


My victim must be a fresh kill and I have to know his last breaths were laden with fear and sorrow. If possible even rage. I must take his breath with violence,
I am a powerful woman, but to have the depth of emotion i require I need to have him be a bull, caught only because he was distracted. So I thought I would stop him from hurting someone to achieve everything I need.

I call on the lines of my mother
my grandmothers through time
Aid me in my quest for our eye
into the future.

My victim was raping a woman in an alleyway, so I quietly came behind him and slit his throat. He was so full of energy, he was like a chicken. He refused to lie down till I was almost dead from his strangling. Perfect.

sex magicks

I had to burn off energy so I could carry out the rest of the rituals needed through this night. So I gathered his sobbing victim into my arms and carried her away to become his bride.

The bride and groom danced
in hypnotic states
Their rhythm a treasure within
the lewd night’s embrace.

perverted faith

This must be the most common faith of the day. So I researched and found it was Christian. It appears there were already those who performed black masses, so it was easy to do this step.

I call upon my gods and goddesses
to give me their strength through this trial
Shield me from these people’s designs
and greet the divine they call by name

the ritual

At a lonely country crossroads, after checking the moon’s position, I drew a circle and pentagram and etched the names of power into the border. I had gathered his blood and poured it onto my little altar within the circle. I laid a piece of bread by the corpses, poured wine by their sides, and lit my torch. By this light I laid out the darkest crystals this time had. I hoped they would be enough.

I call you forth for a bawdy dance
oh bride and groom
I call you to see what I have wrought
oh dark hearts of mine.

And so they danced.

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