Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2015 at 7:26 AM

First through the incarnations of the world, the shifts of Ur, Vaalbara and Pangea
I have risen from the Land of Mu through the tribes of many people and many eons.

Then through the old lands, now forgotten by most, the sunken lands of Hyperborean, Atlantis and Lemuria (I call this Mu).
I learned powers older than time, now called arcane magic. Tried by many but few are successful at them. Maybe it took a woman to understand the finesse required in such rituals. More women focus on the tradition, the rituals bound to such old studies. More women pass them on to their children in oral history. So they follow more female lines. Though they began it was said in an esoteric order called the Naacal Brotherhood. Many eons ago.

Mu split in many ways, into the ancients found in Babylon, Persia, Egypt, Atlantis and the Mayans. Ancients even people today find to be wise. Enough to still listen to them.
Mu had seven cities and was so advanced it is still bandied about that aliens may have begun the civilization. Everything from irrigation to flight; from magic, math and science to apocalyptic weapons. There is some suggestion that this was Mu’s downfall. Either that or an earthquake or volcano that affected the earth’s very plates. It is suggested that Mu and Atlantis had a war to end all wars and destroyed each other.
If it was the weapons, we see the same patterns in the human race now and have come forward through time to stop it happening again. Or is it backwards? It’s hard to tell when you are traveling through the layers of the multiverse.

Through their many incarnations,
I have come through earth,
scratching dust and soil to catch my breath
I have come through water,
swimming against the tide almost drowning
I have come through fire,
screaming as the skin melted off my body
I have come through air,
freezing as I fell though the many skins of time
I have come through sky,
fighting the birds of prey for my sight and skin
I have come through pure energy,
and been scalded and burnt by it
and lastly, I have come through false ego,
and been brought low by the weight of it’s whip.

I have come to find my victim
so I may gain insight into myself and into the future of all humankind.
I have come to perform rites of blood and sexual magicks,
the likes of which have not been heard of for a good long time.
I have come to stop the world and possibly the universe
from killing itself with pride.


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