Lot’s Daughter (our avenger’s story)

Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2015 at 7:25
Subject: Lot’s Daughter (our avenger’s story)

Victorian Penny Dreadful Story

Her home looked perfect on the outside. Two parents, a good bunch of kids who were all pretty and bathed for school and for church. Easter bonnets for the girls and brand new ties for the boys for each religious holiday. Pretty as a picture.

They had a lovely house daddy had built. Their dresses were all made by mommy. They knew their gender roles and taught them to their mini me’s. Impeccably.

They went to the small country church and were related to the vicar. So people who didn’t know them well looked up to her parents. They were related to anyone who mattered in their community. But funnily enough, though they got all the right invites, no one who knew them well really liked them.

They knew all the social graces and their children were well behaved. So what could be the problem? What was the snake in the grass?

They tried so hard to create the perfect sham, yet it seemed like nobody who knew them bought into it.

What was the secret, the lie? It must be a horror for all those they cared about to turn their backs on them. It must be awful. But no one who knew was talking. Could it be a devilish game best played when drunk or high so you could say ooops if caught out? But how often could you say that and not change your behaviour? How often would people knowingly excuse you?

I can tell you what it wasn’t…

They had no evidence of wealth and people allowed them in their homes, so they couldn’t be thieves. They were honest in their business dealings as well. Gave good service and good product. In a small community, how could they do anything else?

They didn’t appear to be poor though. There was the house (heavily mortgaged), the cars (bank owned), the lovely clothes (made of remnants though mom was a good seamstress), the table groaning full of food and the plump children (uncles who hunted and farmer cousins with family discounts who couldn’t bear the kids going hungry and 2nd hand furniture). It just seemed like a house of cards.

Why would you try so hard to cover up if you had nothing to hide? But they did cover up. They were rigid about attending all the services at the church Wednesday eve prayers, Sunday morning and evening services, any church social, and even the church camps and Bible schools) and seeing the kids went to school. Rigid, I say again. It was the only socialization the family experienced outside the family. But it was all a lie. Wasn’t it?

It had to be. And all I can think of having toured the house was that there were not enough beds…


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