Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 at 7:08 PM
Subject: LOOPS
Person – Place – Time

The incessant questions drove me there…
Who was I?
What was my rank?
What was my serial number?
Where was I from?
Who did I work for?
Was I listening?
Answer me!!
And the fatigues turned into a long feather bonnet and a hide tunic and pants. I was hanging by a rope and spears were piercing my skin, Was that the sundance??

What had I taken?
What was my family history?
Had I eaten today?
Had I used the bathroom?
When was my last cycle?
And the scrubs turned into baubles and feathers and some small skulls and hides on a nude old hag. OMG her toothless face was revolting!! And she kept sticking me with her knife and cackling

What was I doing here?
Did I know what time it was?
Who was out at this time unless they were a criminal?
Who was my pimp?
Was that guy my customer?
Was I a whore?
Didn’t my mama teach me better than this?
And I saw the blues turn into a cowboy hat and spurs over jeans and plaids. Unreal!! A wild west sheriff? Who was spinning his gun and pointing it at me like he wasn’t sure if I was a criminal or a varmint he wanted for dinner?

I was confused and tried to answer them but kept getting things wrong. And I had a mad urge to hump their leg or lick their cheek. I was positive they wanted me to have sex and when they were in their modern form, I might have. But not the past ones. I mean did they see masochist written on me somewhere?

They were getting nowhere, so they let me take a break and have a sip ONE SIP!! ffs. of water and a dry cracker. I was feeling more dry than before if that was possible. They were just pretending to care. 😦 I may have been confused, but I wasn’t a dimwit!! I’m on to them…

I was hot, I was cold, either way I was shivering. I kept slipping in and out of consciousness and time and place. I had no clue what was going on.
They caught on and wrapped me in blankets that to this day I swear were scratchy hides stretched by a child, instead of a tribeswoman. And I humped the cement floor until I came then napped till they started all over again. Oh gawd it was nowhere near long enough. I might as well not have slept at all.


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