Sent: Monday, December 07, 2015 at 8:31 PM
Subject: Fw: Leviathan

She crawled out of the mire of the Mediterranean waters slowly. She was injured by the battle to protect her nest. So she was looking for a way to rejuvenate her strength and heal. And she only knew of one. She had just enough energy to change into her human form and walk into town.

She looked around for a place where young healthy people gathered. The last thing she wanted was tainted blood. Her own acidic blood was bad enough. She limped into a seaside commune and sank down near the dining hall. Someone ran to help her just as she lost consciousness.

When she came to, a young woman was attending to her wounds very gently. She was offered a drink and she slowly swallowed it. MMM heaven. She thanked the young woman and rubbed her nurse’s arm. Yes her skin was soft, tender and shiny. She was obviously healthy and would do nicely.

She began the courtship rituals and confused and shocked the girl by tapping into feelings and inclinations she had previously not known she had. She pushed the seduction and the girl responded with hesitation and embarrassment. But she responded.

This girl was no innocent with men, but had entered their relations for the wrong reasons. So the Leviathan breathed new thoughts into her spirit so today would improve her life from here on. It would be better she was with a woman who treated her right than a man who appealed to her self destructive tendencies. Maybe they would end up healing each other today. Female to female.

The girl had never had a female lover before so she was confused but intrigued by this apparent woman in her arms. The tender touches and different experience was very refreshing and appeared honest. But she kept having flashes of tails and wings like she never had before. Maybe this was a lesbian experience though? Some mystical or alternate experience where you filled in what was missing? How was she to know? But why didn’t she just see a penis instead of tails and wings? Odd. Very odd but nice. She grinned. And the leviathan read her thoughts and was pleased she came up with her own explanation. So the encounter continued.

Such was the magick of having a sexual encounter with a leviathan. It was powerful, but with a female leviathan it was also very intimate, to the point of this mind meld. A fascinating and hot element. More arousing too when it was two women. All soft curves and fluid gentle motion, leading up to the crisis. And they flew through dream skies which totally thrilled the girl. The leviathan smiled for the first time. She had picked well. There was no real resistance to her lovemaking. So she was able to heal herself and help the girl too. Fingers and tongues seemed to be everywhere and the girl swore she felt claws at some points. And a magical long tongue that seemed to know her body better than she or any of her past male lovers had or could. It was beyond intimate. It was almost a religious rite. That’s how blessed their union seemed to be.

Finally, the leviathan brought things to a finish and cuddled with the girl. She was rejuvenated and the girl was well and truly changed. The leviathan knew she would be returning to visit with this girl. As the sky grew lighter with the dawn though, she slipped out of the bed. It was time to return to her nest. She was worried lest a predator had disturbed her eggs.


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