Jester, Clown, Fool

Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 at 7:10 PM
Subject: Jester, Clown, Fool

1w / 4k
Send in the Clowns – Judy Collins

Tears of a Clown – Smokey Robinson

HA HA Said the Clown -The Yardbirds

The Educated Fool – Iron Maiden

In ancient Egypt, the clown began. The circus began. And it wasn’t much different than today. They had acrobats, jugglers, contortionists, wild animals and

the clown

Men and women played up and did silly things, but they also told off those in power in a delicate way of course (Imagine if your target of humour was half divine? Yeesh!!) …
The clown was a barometer of the society, the ethos of the time. They embellished the different roles and made a satirical posture/character out of what they saw.
So they had the Pharaoh, the warrior, the farmer, the herder, the priest, the trader and

the whore.

Now back in those days, whores were a different breed than today… So I wonder what a clown would see in a whore?
She or he did not walk the streets all the time. In some lands back then, they actually hung out in the temples to the fertility gods and goddesses. They assisted the priests and priestesses.
So here is my take on the clown being a whore for the amusement of the crowd.

(Starts out laying on a divan)
(Gets up stretches and bows to the mantel of gods and goddesses)
Good morning divinities !!
(shows off boobs, shows off butt)
Yeah I got them too. I know, sexy bits make babies right?
(dances around the stage, rubbing their crotch giggling)
My visitors pray to me too. They say oh gods and ask for my blessings too. So what’s so great about you then?
(cringes like there’s lightening coming near their heads)
Oh ok no need to get mad.
(Pours wine on the mantel and puts out some nuts and spices for an offering)
There, is that enough to soothe your feelings? Geesh!!
(listens closely, hand to ear)
Is that visitor for the priest or for me? Aha!! People love me they do. I wonder if they’ll treasure all the gifts I have for them… Will I still be their joy when their nose falls off? Or when they itch all over and can’t find a cream to stop the horror?
(scratches vigorously the genital area, giggling raucously)
WANNA HAVE SEX NOW?? (shouts at the audience,making runs at the front row members)
(picks a member that is very pretty/handsome and bumps into their face, lewdly)
Oh you know you want it, don’t be shy!! (giggles)
(grabs the member’s crotch)
What?? Not ready yet? What does it take for you, a fluffer?
(grabs the staff of the prince and fellates it)
Like that do you, pretty one? I’m so sexy aren’t I?
Gets down on the floor on their back and spreads legs)
Come closer and do me you beauteous one!! I’m worth the itch really (giggles)
(humps the floor)
In the name of the gods, oh that is so good. You’re a star. You’re the sun of my world. The best ever!!
Yes yes yes!!! There you stud you. The gods have blessed you indeed. So virile you are. Now if you still have a nose in a year, you will make many babies, the gods have told me so.
You will be blessed with a long line of noseless sprites.
Now get off me, I have prayers to say and so do you.
(Jumps up and runs to the mantel. Bows to the icons and stays posed)



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