Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 4:35 PM
my lover and i are equals. neither sub nor domme or dom and sub. we like to play though, to feel good with each other. some people dont understand that. they think if i am domme i must sub him. or switch. lol.

i get so turned on when i see him i just want to lick him. he has such nice abs, pecs and glutes. mmmmm ohhh yumm. so i do. and believe me he has no problem with my attention.

we melt into each others’ arms and kiss until steam is coming out of our ears. he has such gorgeous lips. mmm so soft, so sexy. ohmmm yesss. then we part ways. we both love latching onto a nipple and working it with our tongue and teeth. really worrying it. them. licking, sucking, gnawing, stretching it out and nipping. occasionally even biting and we stay there for a while, kneading the flesh and pinching …. mmmm mm yeahh working up our heat.

then i go to his belly button, a cute lil innie that makes me wanna tongue fuck him mmm so i do. lol. it drives him crazy and me too . he fingers my pussy while i tease him like this and ohh do i take out my energy on his lovely innie mmm yeahhh. i am just going mad by this point so he pinches my clit and it makes me cum. one of those lil gotta release but scared to cums. waiting for a bigger cue. that its ok to let go now. and he smiles at me cuzz he knows it is more frustrating than satisfying. i usually slap his butt when he smiles at me like that. he just laughs, where my sub would get all weepy and worry about how to please me now. lol. ohh he is so a mannnnn mmmm

then he grabs my thighs and pulls my pussy to his mouth. i know he’s all done playing then and i go to his balls and start licking and nibbling them as he does my outer folds. grabbing at my bit of hair with his teeth and pulling them. so i yank his too to retaliate. then i lick up his shaft and he almost cums when i reach his tip. i can see it in his eyes. and a bead shines on his tip so i lick it off. he just shivers. mmmm. at that point he starts licking inside towards my clit and inner folds and takes his danging time about it too! and i start sliding his cock into my mouth as he reaches my clit.

i like it a bit ruff when he gets to my clit so he worries me with his teeth, not just licking and sucking but actually biting and chewing like gum …mmm mmm yeahh and i just shiver i’mm so turned onnnnn. mmmmm yeahh. so i pay him back for his pleasurable torture by taking his cock into my throat and slowly piercing my throat with it until i have reached his base. and he just moans. cuzz very few women do this for him mmmm makes me smile around his cock and thats when he grabs my hair and fucks my mouth as long as he can stand it and suckles my clit like he really needs something fluid from me and he just might get it too! ohhmm yeeesssss hunnn. we are both just moaning nnmmm

its now when he cant stand it anymore. so he grabs my hair and pulls out of my mouth despite my opposition. he wants my pussy for some hard fucking and how can i refuse really but ohhmmm i did so want him to cum in my mouth. i’m a bit sad. but not tooo sad mmmmm lol

he grabs my hips and joins our bodies. sliding right in cuzz i’m so wet you can hear my juices. and he smiles like he’s won a surprise. mm maybe but so have i. so i smile back. we start rocking our bodies together and he is clenching his jaw like thats what holds back his jism. i kiss his neck and he just loves loves when i do that.

and tonight i get more. he pulls out of my pussy and flips me over. ohhhhmmm oohhh nnmmm he’s gonna ohh i almost cum at the thought in my head!

he rubs my clit very firmly as he slides his cock into position at my butthole. ohh mmm and starts pressing to enter. press and wait a sec then again until every inch of his cock is finally in and i cant help it but my mouth is open as if he has magically reached it. now he may be long (and he is) but he’s not that long!! and omg we are both moaninggggg mmmmm ohhmmm yeahhhh

he wants so bad to fuck me hard but he rocks instead and grinds his teeth so hard i’m afraid he’s gonna break them all. mmmm what a waste of a gorgeous smile if he did! ohhmmm

he grabs my breast and pinches my nipple and rubs at my clit harder leaning on his forearms so he can and gently rocks against me till i start to spasm. then he picks up speed, finally when i am relaxed enough to take it . mmmm and thats just what i need to send me over the edge!! i cummmmmm mmm ohhhh yeahhh mmmmmm unnmmmm and so does he.

and those delicious squirts and spasms make me keep cumming ohhhmmmm mmmm yyyeaaahhhh mmmmmmmmm oohhhh mmmmmm gggggg mmmm uhhhhhh yesssss thats iiiiiiiiiiuutttt ohhhhhh hhmmmmmmmmm mmmm

in what seems like eternity he starts sliding out of my butthole and the frission makes me have one last little quake or two and he grins over my shoulder. mmmmm ohhhhmmm mm mm mm mmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhh till i feel him plop out and rub his head against my butthole. ohhh this man is sooooo gooood a lover to meeee mmmmmmmmm. (i think i’ll keep him even if he’ll never submit to me or i to him!!) Ms P


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