Dollmaker in XXXmas Village

Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 at 7:25
Subject: Dollmaker in XXXmas Village
He was a cheap, shoddy, back alley quack that people went to when they could not afford a real doctor. He dug out their "mistakes", sewed up knife wounds and gun shots they wanted kept from the police and did cosmetic procedures without worrying about long term consequences. And he did it because no hospital or clinic would hire him.
Till one day, a fat old man and woman came into his garage where he did the work. They looked around and saw the grease stains and knew this was a health hazard. The way they looked at him,he was sure they didn’t plan on getting a procedure this day. So he wrote them off.
But to his surprise, they agreed. She was going to get a wart removed from her neck. They said they didn’t have much money. He got out the equipment he needed and set up the work area for the procedure.
He had no idea why, but he started to feel a bit off. Like he was coming down with the flu. It got worse the longer he worked toward doing the minor procedure. Finally he sat down and said, "I’m sorry. I feel too sick to continue". And he fainted.
He woke up to find himself in a workshop and wondered what had happened. There was a stunningly gorgeous woman getting surgical equipment ready for what looked like plastic surgery. He saw topical anaesthetic as well as gauze and wondered what was going to happen.
Then a nurse entered, and she was stunning as well. They were everything a man would want from a woman. They looked at him as if they heard his thoughts and frowned.
The nurse put a pressure cuff on him and took his BP, then the rest of his vitals. He said, "I do not recall consenting to a procedure" firmly and clearly. They just laughed.
The doctor said, "and your patients did not consent to the lack of care you showed them. But that hardly stopped you, did it?".
That’s when he clued into what was going to occur. He was going under the knife. "My patients agreed to the procedures and knew what would be done to them."
"To a degree," the doctor said. "They didn’t consent to the botched jobs or the staph infections, did they?" She placed a mask over his face and he got a bit woozy but mostly numb. But he was still awake!! He tried to tell the doctor, but she knew and just smiled.
She braced his hands and cut open the skin of each of his fingers and removed each of the bones. Then she closed them back up again. Then she did it to his toes. He knew he would never stand or walk right again or perform surgery. He might never be independent again either. Depending how he healed.
She put some kind of gel in the cavities and sewed them back up again. Then she said, "Now you will know what they went through."
Even with all the anaesthetic, he started to feel his fingers and toes burn. And burn and burn…
He spent the rest of his life, with some degree of pain in his feet and hands. Nobody could figure out why. They were sure it was in his head, especially when he kept asking about the old man and lady with the wart. He asked if they were Santa and his Mrs. His colleagues just laughed and shook their heads. He was never able to do surgery again.


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