Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 at 7:38 PM
Subject: Cuckold
She kept looking at her husband while her lover was busy licking her genital folds. She could see he was upset and turned on too. She had asked her lover to do oral first cuzz it was her husband’s fave thing to do. It was all in the way things were presented to the cuckold in her opinion.
Her husband deserved this really. He had kept on insisting that she was cheating on him and flying into jealous rages. So she invited a new lover over and made sure her husband was tightly tied up before he got there. Now she would act out her husband’s claims about her and he would watch each and every one.
Just a little easing into it with the oral sex…

Next thing was for her lover. Her husband had been calling her a slut in his rampages and saying that she probably gave her lover what she refused him. Things like anal sex. So she found a lover who wanted this from her and asked him to get her ready then take her anally. She watched her husband. Now he was more than upset. He was so mad that even though he was tied up, she was scared of him. And rock hard still. Harder than she’d ever seen him. Then she lost her focus as her lover managed to excite her.

Finally she had something just for her. Her lover put a strapless bra, a g-string and large hoop earrings on her husband and she made up his face. Oh he did look cute. So she took pictures of her husband and lover kissing and posted them on their facebook, tumblr and fetlife accounts. Giggling all the while. Her husband looked horror struck.
She told him if he wanted them down, he had to suck her lover’s penis and clean it from his anal probing of her. He could taste what he had always wanted from her. So despite the yuck look on his face, her husband began. She could see him getting into the groove and deleted the pictures. Though there had been a few likes and comments. She giggled some more.
Her lover started probing her husband’s anus and she saw her husband shaking with desire. It was amazing to watch. She started to masturbate while watching them.
For the last part of this, since it was arousing her husband, she loaded pictures of her husband sucking her lover off onto their accounts. She showed them to her husband and said if he wanted them taken down, he would allow her lover to take his anal virginity. He just bowed his head then nodded with a tear in his eye.
Her lover began the slow penetration . She practically drooled watching them together. Her lover was trying to hold back, but her husband had started coming almost as soon as the activity began. Coming and coming, over and over again. She unloaded the pictures of the oral work and her husband breathed a bit more deeply. She grinned when she noticed there were more comments and likes.
She snapped a few pictures of the two of them coming together from the anal sex and loaded them onto the sites. Her husband caught this despite what was going on with her lover. He started to cry but couldn’t stop coming.

When her lover was done using her husband, she made it clear that she was done with the jealousy and would be keeping the pictures in safe accounts and her lover offered to keep a set on his files so her husband couldn’t get to them. She sent them to him and deleted them off the sites. The most comments and likes yet. She laughed and her husband looked at him oddly. Her last statement was that this would be a frequent event or the pictures would go to his family and his boss.

Her husband assented. So he was untied and left in a puddle while she and her lover went out dancing.

When she came home, her husband was lying in bed sleeping. There was a note on her pillow which said, "I’m sorry. I’ll be good from now on".
The note she left for him was, " I really hadn’t cheated on you before tonight" and fell asleep.


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