Canicula’s Plot (Ancient Rome) Pt 5

Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 6:41 PM
Subject: Canicula’s Plot (Ancient Rome) Pt 5

Salax was surprised by being suddenly flipped over and a sling being adjusted around his waist. He sighed and tried to rally more energy for whatever they had in mind.
His feet, wrists, and neck were put in bonds and a bar was placed between his knees. Then he was flipped upside down. His head was definitely against that and made it known by making him very dizzy. That and his nausea of earlier and he almost lost his lunch.
One two three and then he heard a whine in the air. What was that?? He shrieked and almost lost consciousness when he felt the searing pain. A whip? Oh no! He got his head around the change and realized he had peed. Though differently than usual with the sounding in his penis.
One two three whine searing pain jerking against the restraints peeing a bit more and fighting to stay conscious and keep his food from coming back up. Somehow that became really important to him, a sign of his self control and his manhood that he not vomit. The last frontier. He had no idea how many strikes there were, he was too focused on what his throat was doing. On staying conscious until he couldn’t anymore.
Everything let go. His bladder emptied, he shot jism all over and he vomited just before he passed out.
The next thing he was vaguely aware of was a gentle tugging sensation as someone removed the sounding and them washing his buttocks and genitals off. Then he was asked if he wanted to be taken out of the skin wrappings and binds.
For just a second as his jaw opened to say of course yes, he really thought that would come out of his mouth. But it didn’t. It had after all been the best orgasm of his life. He would stay.
Oh my gods he heard himself say he wanted to stay…

The End


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