Canicula’s Plot (Ancient Rome) Pt 4

Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 6:39 PM
Subject: Canicula’s Plot (Ancient Rome) Pt 4

Oh he was so wrong though. He felt her lift up on her haunches and grasp his head with her thighs and let loose a rain over his mouth. It seemed to be a choice of breathe or swallow. At the same time he felt a discharge in his bowels and shivered in aversion. He wasn’t certain with the amount if it was urine or semen, but wasn’t really thrilled by either possibility at that moment. Perhaps bad timing. And he felt so sick from the pressure in his abdomen. But no one seemed to care if he was enjoying it. He felt a tear escape from his right eye.
The sounding seemed to have hit bottom as he next felt a sheathe go over his cap. Oddly that was when he felt a tickle on his penis and it took him a couple minutes to connect to it enough so he could figure out what it was. Oh my, a feather! He was being put through the mill for sure. These people had devious minds.
The two slaves switched places then and this one had his turn at plowing him. Canicula sat back down and he went back to licking her, despite her grime and his minor disgust. Her urine wasn’t too strong though, thank the gods.
The other seemed to enjoy using his teeth more than his colleague had. But they were just little annoyances. Salax felt the pains building and really was beginning to pity himself. He also noted that he was becoming more and more titillated by all the stimulation. He couldn’t keep still anymore and found himself squirming and pushing back against the pole inside him. He was even surprised to hear himself moan. Never did he think this day would come, but supposed a man could only endure so much before reacting.
Finally he felt another emission in his bowels and Canicula had her joy again and subsided beside his head. Salax took deep gulps of air and enjoyed being a bit more free. For just that moment when they seemed to need it also.

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