Canicula’s Plot (Ancient Rome) Pt 3

Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 6:37 PM
Subject: Canicula’s Plot (Ancient Rome) Pt 3

But then Canicula sat on his face so firmly he had trouble finding a way to breathe and he was sharply slapped on his genitals then told to start licking. So he did, since he wasn’t a huge fan of the ball slapping thing.
A man’s hand started fiddling with his pole and he got it. Her statement was true. But he had no way out. So he licked away at her, hoping she would have her release and lose interest.
He felt hands playing with his genitals that obviously knew just where to touch him and he couldn’t stop himself from stiffening when lips covered the cap and started to suckle hard. Oh! Though his body did get confused when fingers poked into his butt hole. When placed just so, he connected with rumours he had heard of men who enjoyed these attentions and moaned. Now that spot felt very good. Oh my.
He felt a cool and moist thing inserted slowly into his cavity just as teeth nipped his cap. He wasn’t sure where to go to relieve his body from the pressure.The greasy object was slid back and forth for a few minutes, then slid out and was replaced with a larger one to repeat this. Then another and another. Why? Oh, it dawned on him why …He was being opened so the men could use his hole and not rip him.
And just as he made this leap in his mind, the real pole entered him slowly. Rocking once it was in. a small finger was also introduced and rubbed that feel good spot while the rocking continued. Now that could get good if it weren’t for the pressure he felt in his lower abdomen. Yes his body did seem to be kept confused between pain and pleasure. And he wasn’t exactly complaining.
Until he felt something thin and long being inserted in the tip of his cap. It made him want to be sick but when he began to gag, it was stopped till he could bear it then continued as his shaft was teasingly rubbed and played with.
At that moment Canicula started grinding against his face and moaning constantly. He almost lost consciousness as she came all over his mouth. He thought mistakenly again that it would be over now. And sighed with relief.

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