Canicula’s Plot (Ancient Rome) Pt 2

Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 6:35 PM
Subject: Canicula’s Plot (Ancient Rome) Pt 2

Salax slowly came awake on a cold stone floor with just the skins comforting his body and almost immediately started to squirm. A foot firmly shoved him back into position and he started making frustrated noises. His confused mind slowly grasped that he was helpless. But what harm would that do against a diminutive woman? He wasn’t overly alarmed, though perhaps a bit claustrophobic?
What did the woman have in mind for him? He cast his mind back over their conversations and any gossip he had heard of Canicula. He had heard she was wild and wanton but that would be a pleasant change for a night or two. In the midst of his worry he had to smile at that.

"Don’t bother struggling, the binds are very secure," Canicula said with a lilt of laughter in her voice. "Let me explain what is happening to you tonight. You are about to be used as the sex slave of a Cybelan student and her slaves. You will be used as a toilet and a sex toy. Your mouth will be taught to give pleasure to me as my slaves use your body for their pleasure" Salax squirmed as he listened to this. "You will lick and suckle me as your butt hole is used as a sheathe for their poles and your pole will be milked until you ejaculate. You will receive their fists in your bowels and will be whipped by my slaves."
Salax was now getting concerned. She must be joking! He had never experienced such a thing and he hadn’t planned on ever doing so. But he was feeling a bit excited as she talked. It might be interesting. His penis began to show attention to her plan. Um this could be horrible though if his fellow soldiers found out, yet hadn’t he heard of her first from a comrade at arms? Was she just teasing him with this story then would let him loose and have a romp as usually men and women did?


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