Canicula’s Plot (Ancient Rome) Pt 1

Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 6:29 PM
Subject: Canicula’s Plot (Ancient Rome) Pt 1

Canicula had been planning this night for a few weeks, teasing and toying with a new man as she had many times before. Tonight was his first sleep over. Dear Salax had no clue what was in store for him.

Her slaves, Procax and Nefarias, were primed for their roles in her plot and had gathered the equipment she would need to betray Salax when he arrived. The skins and buckles had been polished and stretched so they would be so snug on him when he was laid in them. The wine was ready with a sedative in it and her new Egyptian dildos were cleaned and greased with goose fat.

She bathed and removed her body hair with lemon oils as if she were going to be Salax’ lover tonight and chuckled at the thought of his face when he imagined his pending conquest.

Canicula had been receiving lessons from a Cybelan friend about their method of servant control and was looking forward to using them. It was a night of several firsts.

She could hear a horse coming up the lane of her house and grinned. Everything was set and she looked good in her new toga. Coal outlined her eyes as she had seen Egyptian women do. Just as she knew Salax liked.

Procax led in Salax and seated him and she saw his eyes light up at the possibilities he saw before him.

Canicula and Salax greeted each other and sat on the divan she had in her front parlour so they could drink their wine and eat the antipasto the slaves had prepared.

What good actors her slaves were. She was quite impressed with them, even though she had found them starving due to their inept stage performances. But they were so adorable, she had seen the potential if she gave them some of her coaching. And they had blossomed under her care.

With just a little bit of giggling and flirting Salax relaxed and started sipping his wine. Canicula’s eyes lit up when she saw he was nodding a bit. So she rubbed his knee and slowly crept her fingers up his thigh. He couldn’t seem to help following her digit. Until he could follow it no more. And he slept.

The slaves removed his toga and rolled him into the skins,wrapping his arms to his sides, leaving only a crack he could breathe through and an access area for his genitals and buttocks. Then they wrapped the leather straps around the skins and put the ends through the polished buckles they had brought in from the horse stalls just as she had instructed. Then they sat to wait. Salax must know what was happening to him


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