Candlestickmaker in XXXmas Village

Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 at 7:24 PM
Subject: Candlestickmaker in XXXmas Village
He was dragged, kicking and screaming from the site of his latest arson and put into a van. Taken to a factory(?) of some sort a few miles away and tossed into a wheelbarrow and driven in. His clothes were removed and he was put onto a steel trolley. Gawd that was cold. He shivered.

A woman wrapped a thin layer of tallow around him and gently wound a string around that to hold it in place. Then she bound the ends with more. Then she dipped him in more fat at the ends. The slime on his face smelt really bad and he figured the fat had been allowed to go rancid. He felt nauseous.

"You seem bent on burning things, even if you risk lives. So Santa has decided to teach you what burns feel like. Just know, you were seen, you have been caught and now you will be hurt."

She took a small torch out and put on a welder’s helmet. Then she began burning the string. Slowly and painfully he was tortured by not only the pain but the smell too. How could she stand it he wondered?? He wanted to puke.

Oh it seemed like it went on for hours!! But it couldn’t have. His flesh felt like it was melting in the heat, but it was just sweat. He was crying, begging, screaming. He felt his bladder and bowels empty. It hurt so bad!!

Finally he passed out.

When he woke up, he was in a burn unit in the hospital. Wrapped in layers of gauze they were trying to change with a new dressing. He started to scream again till he fainted again.

The next time he woke, he was given a note and allowed to read it.
"Dear matchstick, This is your one and only warning. Do NOT go back to your old ways"…


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