Baphomet (the beginning? Paris Mar 18,1314)

Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2015 at 3:50 PM
Subject: Fw: Baphomet (the beginning? Paris Mar 18,1314)

Looking down during hir travels, Baphomet watched as two powerful looking but depleted men were burnt at the stake in hir name. But ze didn’t recognize them as followers. How odd!! Ze wondered if hir mind was going, lost in all it’s incarnations of gods and goddesses. But then ze heard the curse "You shall join me before God within the year" and ze laughed in relief. Dem humans were always getting it wrong. Especially lately.
Baphomet reviewed their last few days and saw all the torture and licked hir lips. You’d think these priests got off on sadism, the way they went into such gruesome, intimate detail over the hapless victim. So many of their devices required nudity and some were made to do sexual things. Like the pear of anguish. That one made hir giggle. In what way was stuffing an iron mechanism into a vagina a holy experience in their minds? Or ripping their breast tissue? Though yes it did make them call for their gods. ๐Ÿ˜› It would hir too. Ze did love to watch these particular tortures when ze was excited. Ze liked to wank during these tortures.
Never mind, ze was curious so paid closer attention. What were their names?
Ze heard and was quite startled!! Jacques de Molay the grandmaster of the Templars and Geoffrey de Charnay the order’s treasurer. Some foul wind was blowing here. Ze listened closer and heard King Phillip IV of France chortling in glee. Pope Clement didn’t seem quite as happy with his deed though… Hmmm
Were any of their followers around for this? Shouldn’t someone be begging for mercy? Ze saw them hiding among the crowd or running for the hills. Warriors who could face the infidels down on the battlefield couldn’t cope with this? My my. Ze only saw one Merovingian king there. Cloaked of course. Well at least their sacrifice was witnessed…. Baphomet bowed for a second to acknowledge the divine line’s steadfast character. What a horrible waste indeed.

Next time Baphomet looked down at these humans, ze heard someone say they were hir incarnation and looked to see what human would dare?! Frigging Aleister Crowley!! But he was a fun character to watch. Such an adventurer in life and faith. And his delving into sex magick and demonology were fascinating too. And seriously he didn’t really seem to like women for all that he played with them. He seemed to like men much better and probably should have stayed with them. Ze liked to watch Crowley. He appealed to both of hir aspects and gave hir lots of wank fodder. Quite an imagination and with all those followers, it’s no wonder he was a bit arrogant.

The next time Baphomet looked down, ze saw a black stone altar that was said to be covered with the blood of innocents. Ze saw the smoke and mirrors set to raise the horror of the community, maybe the world and laughed. Ze was always intrigued when humans wanted to look evil. It made hir quite delighted, since they had yet to meet true evil. Though some did give the effort a true run. So who was this nefarious priest? Ahh of course, Anton le Vey.

Baphomet wondered why these humans always considered questions of sexuality and gender to be linked with evil. It was quite frustrating to hir. Yet ze did love fapping to their efforts at making these things into religious rites, tortures and delusions. Some serious kink usually came out of their play. Ze giggled and blushed. Quite enjoyable!! Ze was half erect and quite damp in hir body parts and hir mind was quite astir. Ze wondered if ze could find some godly companions to vent hir frustrations on. Laughing heartily, ze went to look. ๐Ÿ™‚


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