Baker in XXXmas Village

Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 at 7:24 PM
Subject: Baker in XXXmas Village
She woke up in a metal container of some sort, and could not for the life of her figure out where she was. She just knew she was naked and scared.
She just knew there were a bunch of faces looking down at her. Women’s faces? In all her thought of waking up naked with faces looking at her, she had kind of assumed they would be male. What on earth was going on??
The woman in charge, dressed in a black coat and wearing a small hat, spoke up. "Hello, I’ve been asked to prepare you for our dinner party. It seems a few guests requested a special dessert and you, my dear are it. We;ve got to make Santa’s guests happy after all.".
A fine dusting of white powder fell softly into the container with her. Then a thicker flour was dusted onto her next. Some brown powder. She took a sniff. MMM Cinnamon, nutmeg, maybe ginger? In any other place she would love that smell. But right now, she felt a bit sick.
The women poured a little warm oil over her lightly and kneaded it all over her skin. Then they put her in a steam room for it seemed like an hour.
She was taken out and put into a cool room for a few days. She dozed off and on and desperately wanted a drink. She felt disgusted having to pee when she did, but there seemed to be a drain under her.
Finally they came to get her out and she started to sob. But they were dry and tearless after not having had a drink in a few days.
She was put into a clean pan and basted with a warm butter and honey sauce. Then they rolled her toward the big oven. She could hear screaming going further into the distance until all she saw was black….
She woke up with a peppermint cane beside her and a note… from Santa??
"Dear Sweetling, You have been a worry to me for a few years now. You eat too many sweets and you are heading toward having diabetes if you don’t stop. First rule of nutrition, you are what you eat. Please eat more fruit and veg instead of baked goods."


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