Animal in Cage (pet play)

Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 at 7:39 PM
Subject: Animal in Cage
You could hear him snarling and snapping at the cage bars. They were rattling like he was throwing his entire weight against them. She went to check on him, well the cage really. She wanted to be sure it was holding against the onslaught of his wish for freedom.
As soon as he saw her, he cringed back into the corner and whimpered. She smiled and warned him to behave. But he took her facial movement as rictus. He shivered. She went to scratch his throat and he whined and shied back even further. Hmm she had gotten another gun shy pet. Too many owners didn’t know what to do with these beasts. They were too intent on punishment and control to have a pet in her opinion.

So faithfully she watered and walked him. She never took the chain or collar off him till he started to trust her. Then she would take him around the building off leash and slowly let him have his head.

Finally he showed her he could be trusted, so he started to go with her wherever she went. He began to thrive. And she was thrilled.
The cage no longer seemed necessary. So she let him sleep at the foot of her bed, She gave him scraps off her plate as a reward for his good behaviour,

He started to protect her and she knew she had won him over. So she took over his grooming and entered him in shows and started teaching him how to be a service pet for those who needed help of some kind. And he was so smart. He caught on so quickly.

One morning she knew her training was complete when she woke to his sharp bark and saw he had saved her life.
It was time.

So she found an owner who could take him to the next level. She explained gently that he had to grow and she didn’t know how to teach him more. He whimpered, but with head bowed he went with the next woman. They hit it off right away.

Her eyes watered, but she turned and went back to the kennel for the next pet. This one had been trained to lick anywhere nutella, whipped cream or peanut butter was put. She planned on replacing that particular habit…
How could these owners treat a beast like this??


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