angel of death (serial killer story-penny dreadful)

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Subject: Fw: angel of death (serial killer story-penny dreadful)

She was such a beauty, such a joy to be around, Always so bubbly and up beat. Such flair, such style, so kind, so caring. There every time a friend or a stranger had a hard time. She attended every church service and social, unless she was working. And it’s not like you could fault her. Her profession? She was a nurse. Who wouldn’t love her? So selfless, so giving.
If she heard of a need, she filled it. If she saw a tear, she dried it. If she heard a wish, she granted it. If she could make you smile or laugh, she did.
So who would suspect her??
Yet in the wake of her skirts, was a trail no mother or father could excuse. The smallest of hearts had ceased beating due to her mindset. Over and over again. But was it cruel?
Some of her friends and colleagues had trouble seeing her as a serial killer. The wee hearts she snuffed out were after all so broken they couldn’t beat alone. Every breath was a torture, every beat was just a bit off rhythm. You found yourself holding your breath along with them, pausing till they took their next one. Then wondering whether you should smile or cry when it came.
And she was convinced that nothing could bring them away from death’s door.
So it was time.
Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. But of all the staff members who saw those trapped babies, why was she the only one arrogant enough to make that decision? If only that were all…

Yes reader, there is more, sadly.
She made that decision, not due to kindness as most would. She made it because she was so turned on by the power she had, the ultimate power. The thrill of actually ceasing a life. Such a vulnerable, innocent life. That was what excited her. That’s what it took to make her excited. Not a lover’s touch could stir her like taking that life did.

Her nemesis started paying close attention when she met her. For some reason, she smelled blood on her the first day they met. Not literally, but nonetheless it was there. She heard of the woman as so perfect, she just couldn’t get her out of her head. I mean nobody is perfect, right? She had to meet her, so she set out to arrange it. Eyeball to eyeball, And she knew. But being her, she had to make sure. Nobody would ever accuse her of killing the innocent.

She was on shift when every baby died. She had access to all the methods needed. She had the means but so did everyone else on her team. It would be a process of elimination. But first, she wanted to know … What did she do after the death? Well most nurses and doctors would have a good cry, get mad, have a few drinks, get high, maybe even have sex. I mean passion comes in many colours. You want to be close to someone when you feel that hurt. Don’t you?
It was another piece of the puzzle though. She had sex.

She was a sham (nobody’s perfect), she was there (every time), she had sex after each death. O.o?? Still more information was needed.

The nemesis went looking into her past. Her family was just messed up. There was no other way to say it. The dad was off to find himself just when he heard there was a child coming. (Funny how that works sometimes). Her step dad was a drunken, abusive creep in every way that evil existed. Her mother was a grey, cold, shadow really. Always there in the background, but no one really knew her. Except her daughter. Her daughter who saw her smile as she watched from the door as her husband raped her daughter. Her oldest brother was a mess. He seemed to like prisons and hospitals better than home. That persevered for 20 years of his life. This child does not happen in isolation. He was accused of rape, battery, drugs/use and sales and fraud. Messed up, yes. Nobody in the family knew what a good relationship was. Least of all her.

No one else on the team had such a troubled background.
One last test.
Her nemesis got a candy striper job at the hospital so she could watch her suspect. So she could be close when the next death occurred. So she could look in her eyes and see what she really felt at that moment. And finally she did.

She was right.

So she made her plans to stop this killer. She collected the drugs and since it was an adult of equal weight to her, ropes. She invited her over for tea and doped her. She tied her up and let her regain consciousness. Long enough for her to see death staring back at her. She showed her the vial of medications she had gathered. One to paralyze her, one to stop her heart from beating, but slowly. Her nemesis saw the recognition in her eyes that she knew she was about to die, then she administered the shots. Sat back and waited till the last breath was seconds away and came closer to her face. Saw her eyes glaze over and fixate. Finally it was done. She never pleaded innocence. She never tried to save her life. She was scared, but relieved too? Yes she had done it. No question.

Her second kill…


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