Alpha x Alpha

Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 at 7:39 PM
Subject: Alpha x Alpha
They had been dancing around each other for a while, driving each other mad. Dangerously insane. But neither was willing to back down.
If he thrust, she parried.
If he parried, she thrust.
If he tried to lead at dancing intricate steps, she tripped him.
If she tried leading at dances, he grabbed her crotch and teased her till she couldn’t concentrate on the steps.


Did they dare try sex? Well it wouldn’t be D/s or rape play. If they couldn’t even back down in dances, how would they in those activities? Those structures?
To most, this would mean the passion cooled and they went their separate ways, but not these two. It was cranking them up even more. Their engines were running and they couldn’t stop the energy.

oh gawd!!

So they went out into a storm and stripped off their clothes. Then they wrestled and fought each other. Scratching, hitting, restraining, biting, choking, burning

I said burning

for each other till their genitals slammed together and slipped into a primal dance like neither had experienced before. Pounding, roaring, screaming, grunting.
More like they were trying to kill each other than have sex.
And when they came it was as if they were just beginning.
They wanted


just more!!
After all there’s a reason the French call it le petit mort.
Though tonight? Neither was sure it was little…


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