Alien Abduction

Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 at 6:30 PM
Subject: Alien Abduction
You know how the story goes, right? Someone is sleeping in bed, making out on lover’s lane, or walking in an open field for some reason. They see a bright light in the sky and look up to find an odd saucer-shaped thing buzzing their head. They ooo and ahhh and get a lot curious and a bit scared. Some call the FBI or the airforce to see if there’s something going on in the neighbourhood. But most figure it’s just a kid’s toy. Shrug it off. Go about their lives.

Then you hear the stories you shake your head at. The person you swear is crazy. They tell stories of medical tests, interrogations and tests like anal probes. Some even say they were inseminated with an alien child after an intensive breeding program.. But they’re crazy right? They must be. But you get that odd feeling half way between thrill and fear. That feeling you can’t let go of.

So you start reading about the events. Looking through the research to see if there is any truth to them. You get hooked on sci-fi shows and alternative science media that discusses the possibility of life on other planets. Not so bad, right? You scratch your head, wondering…Is it possible?

But then you start getting the oddest feeling…Is that guy following you? What are those clicks on the phone? Is that the page I left open on my PC when I logged off?

And the nightmares begin… You see the face everyone sees when they think of aliens. At least at first…

You hear odd sounds that seem rhythmic like a language but can’t comprehend them. You just know they have meaning and are the voice of someone trying to soothe you, to manipulate you and it makes you nervous. Wakes you from your sleep. Partly from fear and partly from wonder.

Then the dreams escalate. You see yourself on a table in a room straight out of a sci-fi thriller. Lots of lights and machinery. You see hoses and pipes. And long needles. You feel the cold metal table on your back and bum. You feel the probing begin and wake up in a sweat. Partly fear and partly feeling stimulated. You can’t help but masturbate. It is sooo hot to think of the possibilities.

Or the dream changes to you being in a room with one of the aliens. You are tied to a chair, naked. You know they’re screaming at you and you’re upset by that. But you are also really excited, even when they slap your face until it burns. Tears are streaming down your face, you’ve peed yourself, your stomach is distressed and you’re farting. Yet you can also feel your clit vibrating and you are turned on. Like you never have been before. And that scares you into waking in a panic. But as soon as you know it was just a dream, you have to masturbate over and over. Until you fall back to sleep from exhaustion.

Or the breeding dream. Where one after another, the aliens appear between your legs and insert a vial after preparing your body for penetration. Each time it’s like it was the first. You wonder what they’ll do; they stimulate the area; you’re almost convinced they intend sex but then they insert the vial. And lastly they make you orgasm a few times so your body is receptive to whatever they’ve inserted. Then they put you in this plastic coffin thing where you are left for months being fed and your wastes are processed out. And your belly grows so you become aware you’re having a baby. Finally the birth and you feel the pangs of the labour and the pushing of the birth. Then the placenta is emitted. And you are in tears because they won’t let you hold your child. And you wake up screaming and crying and feeling a horrible sense of loss. But other than your face being a bit puffy, probably from crying, nothing is changed. So you calm down after a few days and go on with your life. Just a bit sadder.

The feeling of being followed intensifies and you get panicky about staying alone in your home and about going out on your own. But somehow you breathe through the fear. Till one night. You had to go out for that one thing. That thing that won’t wait till morning when a friend promised to take you shopping.

You walk by an alley and get yanked into it by four hands. Your skirt is lifted and your panties are ripped from you and you are anally raped. You alternate between feeling the assault and going to the alien breeding coffin for some reason. You are petrified and feel like it’s endless torment. Lasting for months. Finally they stop. Though in your mind you know it could only have lasted for a few minutes for each of them. They leave you there with your belly spasming and cramping. Sobbing like your heart is broken and heaving like you’re going to be sick.

Finally you crawl out onto the street and a passing woman sees you and calls for medical aid. The EMTs are kind and patient with you and cautious not to upset you till you arrive at the hospital.

You endure the indignity of the examination and something they saw triggers further tests. They do an ultrasound and see scarring. Your uterus and cervix look well used. like you had given birth many times. Stretched. So they ask you if you’ve had a child and you say no. At that point all their kindness and patience leaves their faces and they look at you like you’re either crazy or a liar.

So you leave the hospital and go back to your apartment. That night you have the last dream. One of the aliens comes to you in the dream and tenderly bathes you and puts some kind of ointment onto your anus and slightly inside of your rectum. You hear in your head that you are no longer a viable subject. But they will leave you a gift. He puts one last vial inside you and brings you to a tender orgasm. Then shows you a face that is very similar to a human one. The eyes a bit bigger, the nose a bit lower and the lips a bit paler. But essentially human. Then he leaves. And you wake up crying. As if you are saying goodbye to someone very dear.

Six weeks later, you have been feeling off for a bit so you go to the doctor’s office. He insists he has to do a pregnancy test. Of course he finds you are. He posits that the rapists may have done more than you thought at the time. He asks if you want to terminate the pregnancy. You just see the alien in your mind. So you say no.

Almost ten months later, your baby is born. Her eyes are a bit bigger, her nose is a bit lower and her lips are a bit paler. You smile at this gift and get prepared to live your new life.

You know the one. Where you protect your baby from anyone knowing she is a mutation, half alien/half human. But you know, right?

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