What to Expect from a Fetish Photographer

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What to Expect from a Fetish Photographer
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or really any photographer…

I have actually had the great experience of having some professional shoots done of me, so I’m not talking out of my ass here. (No the pix aren’t posted on fetlife).

So this is what I know from that experience:

The photographer is supposed to take a picture that makes you look the best they can. The best head shot taken of me even got my negative family to say I looked amazing in it. It’s the only time ever in my life, they have commented positively about my looks. So yeah it was good.

So that man was lovely. He was a bit of a flirt, but that was to get a smile out of me. Things like you have a gorgeous smile were said. He said he loved the way I had done my makeup (I did it myself and have some pretty good skill in it. I took drama classes and that was part of the curriculum). He told me my eyes are stunning and an unusual colour. They are, they’re light jade. He told me I have awesome cheekbones. (blush – I do) And he told me my skin was flawless. It is, still at over 50. I’ve hardly ever had even a pimple. I do have freckles still, but just a light dusting.

I have had that experience every time I have sat in a studio with a pro photographer. They positioned me and the lights. They changed flashes and cameras. They were courteous and charming. They changed the back drop to accent the look they were going for. To make my colouring look better.

I’ve also heard stories of the bad kinds of photographers. What I mean is something beyond rude. I’m discussing the one who works with you over the long haul and gives you drugs to manipulate your moods and your weight. The ones who molest and assault you. Not in a bdsm play way either. The ones who ruin your reputation so they appear better than they are.

Above, I mentioned the photographer trying to make me smile with his positive comments. He just did it to make me smile that one day. They all did that.Our discussion was also about social chit chat. Nothing deep or meaningful, but about as heavy as the weather or what I did for work. Or when I did a mom and tot shot with my kid, how well behaved and happy a kid she seemed to be.

The point I’m making is, the photographer was there to shoot me the best they could. To manipulate light, shadow, symmetry, position and yes even my mood a bit. All to get a shot they could be proud to show on their wall to draw other customers.

What they were never there to do was to be my friend or therapist. That’s who you go to if you have body image issues or need validation. NOT a photographer. They are there to be a photographer only. For pay or for free,they are only as good as their camera work is.

Like any artist you work with for longer than an hour, their moods can reflect how they are feeling that day, how they think their equipment is working, how they think the shoot is going… NOT to validate even your experience.

So given that, their reputation should be based on you having a safe experience and you getting a good shot they are proud to display. If you get more than that, then wow. Bonus!! But let’s try to keep our expectations realistic, ok?


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