What is sexy?

Sent: Monday, November 23, 2015 at 6:39 PM
Subject: Fw: What is sexy?

I know you think it’s obvious.
You go to rock hard abs,
a fit butt you could crack nuts with
a tall lean body with just enough muscles to add hard curves
Do you have a colour skin you like?
Is there a hair and eye must?
Is that guy shaved clean or does he do whiskers just right?
Does that woman wear makeup in the latest fad or is she a purist?

I have my own preferences but maybe they fall into another category cuzz I’ve been with enough men to know I rarely sleep with one looks’ type.

Sexy is about the way he looks at me. The expression in his eyes and in his face, I want to see desire and self-confidence when he looks at me. With an initial hesitation the first time or two. Has he read my signals right? Maybe I desire him but am I willing to act on that? Then when he has that clear, things become naked.

Naked sexy is when he keeps checking whether I’m still into it without opening his mouth. It’s about eye contact and what my eyes say back when he looks in them. It’s about moving in sync with each other and finding all my hot buttons. It’s about seeing I get my needs met even if his hard on doesn’t last long enough. So assurance and being eager to please are turn ons. Especially if he can’t get enough of me. SOOOOO HOOOT

And sexiest is when he brings something to the table,
hands that love to stroke and touch
arms that love to cuddle
eyes that can’t stop looking at me and flare with passion and excitement when I enter the room
lips that smile when I’m near
and can’t stop kissing me and talking to me
and something we both love to talk about (besides sex :P)

Cuzz at the end of the day, those rock hard abs are great in pictures you masturbate to. But do sweet diddly squat in reality. I like my sexy based on reality…


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