Sent: Monday, April 27, 2015 at 8:48 PM

ok so you go out to dinner with your SO and the waitperson comes up and there they go again right in front of you!!
Is flirting cheating?

or how about when they go online and start trading nudies and discussing sex fantasies?
is that cheating?

how about when they discuss YOUR sex life with their opposite gender friend?
is that cheating?

And you know you aren’t getting any lately but they go on line and start masturbating to the nudies and erotica they find there. Isn’t their sexual energy yours?
is that cheating?

what is cheating?

a thought?
a fantasy?
a kiss?
does it have to be undressed hugs, touches and cuddles
or actual sex?
which sex act is the definite one?

Is that something you negotiate too? And if they do it does that give you license?

is it the lying, secrecy or the acts that are the cheating?

what do you do when you find out?

scream, yell, walk away, breakup/get a divorce, move out, punish them, cheat too (tit for tat), how about suspend them and torture them till you feel better? (I’m kind of liking this last idea 😉 )

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