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part one

tall, lanky, fit, and gorgeous women were all around him. he thought for a second he was dreaming. but then he noticed something he would absolutely never dream of unless it was a nightmare. when he looked at their chests he saw a breast had been removed!! off all of them!! he was shocked until his subconscious started whispering. hey wasnt there a tribe of women around here who were warriors and thought they needed to remove a breast to shoot their arrows and spears better? what a waste of perfection. it was no thrill to him to think of such a ravage to their womanhood.
and hey didnt they hobble their males by doing something to their leg? so they could never run away? but why would you run? his eyes opened wider. oh crap yeah!! cuzz when they were done with them they killed the men!! he hung his head. oh no. he was in big trouble.
ladies it seems he has heard of us, and they giggled and some actually laughed. well not many men would be heart broken to see gorgeous women around them anyway. so he must have!
he wanted to leave but at that point he realized he was bound! oh no! wrists and ankles were tied together and he could hardly move. he got even more nervous. what was he gonna do? uh what were they gonna do?
well there was only so much they could do really and his mind ran to what he knew about sex and the male body. as long as he had a hard on they could jump on him and if there were a better outcome he might even enjoy it. but ohhh he was in trouble and his penis was a bit shy under these circumstances. and the women were starting to notice. and laugh. his face just fell. he realized the male body wasnt all that attractive when it was flaccid. what was he gonna do?


but they had a solution for his shy penis . it seems they had faced this situation before. and when they told him what they were going to do he felt tears sliding down his cheeks. now he was kind of hoping that death would come early. he had heard about guys who got hard and came even in this circumstance but his flaccid state told him quickly that he wasnt one.

well all they really wanted from him was his jism. so they hooked him up to a thing he had seen used on cows at milking time and used their fingers to massage his prostate until he was drooling then started the machine. it HUUUUUUUUURTTTT!!!!!! (poor cows)

then one warrior started investigating his butthole more thoroughly. she kept adding fingers until she had her whole hand in his rectum. he was sweating seriously and feeling like he might puke or pass out. but she backed off a bit. advancing or retreating like any good army does. keeping him hyper stimulated but not taking him to the point of unconscious or vomiting but also not letting him orgasm. yes he said orgasm. he wasnt even hard but he knew with just a bit of consistency from her he would cum. he felt all the warning signs.

she had other things in mind and so did the leader. remember hun we just want the pre- cum. it is more motive, more volatile and therefore better for getting pregnant. (so much for the people who think if they withdraw before they cum no pregnancies occur Lmfao)

so warrior butt handler just kept pressing in until she had half her arm inside him. all he felt was pressure so intense he actually thought opening his mouth would release some of it. they laughed at him. and he hung his head. well wouldnt you feel shame if a bunch of gorgeous women were standing around while you were going thru this? or something like it?

and some of them kept touching his flaccid penis and playing with it like it was silly putty . they poked, prodded and shoved it around like it had no nerves. but oh God he knew it did. and he felt it, every last twinge.

finally they let him loose and he fell to the floor. he had no legs under him. oh no. well you know what he meant , right?

after that they cleaned him fed him toileted him walked him and milked him several times a day for weeks. to see which time of day he was more potent. and they called him the flaccid fool cuzz not once did their manipulation make him hard. he was a bit weirded out too, wondering if they had broken something. he had no problem getting hard when he wanted it. and he’d heard male rape victims got hard during the attack. so wtf?!! he had to think about why this was and it just made his shame grow. until he had an epiphany.

even when he was masturbating if he hurt himself by accident he went soft, so maybe pain just wasnt the trigger for his mind, his nervous system like maybe it was for other men.

finally the head woman said they had enough for a while if they were careful. so they stopped milking him. and he actually took one breath of relief till he realized what was coming next for him. then as they stood around laughing and calling him names, he just screamed!!!!!

(stay tuned though i’m sure you can guess what’s coming next by the portends)


When they got their last thrill out of his screams, the head woman barked at her subordinates. He couldn’t understand her but the ghoulish delight on the faces of the women made sure he understood that it wasn’t good. He resisted as much as he could but he was taken into another room and tied very tightly to a table.

His leg was washed with an astringent and he started to sweat. He had heard the myths right after all. They wanted him as a slave. They were going to hobble him. He almost passed out cold but one was ready for this and put something foul under his nose. He couldn’t help being alert now. He would experience it all.

They cut the skin away from the bone and folded it back. Then they sawed thru the rest and folded the skin back and sewed it shut. detaching and attaching all the little bits and bobs needed. Then they put a drain in the incision and a pressure sock on the stump. It was done and he had puked, swooned and shrieked till he couldn’t any more. Till he was a drooling babbling idiot. One of the women sat beside his head and made sure he didn’t choke on his own vomit. He couldn’t even turn his own neck at that point. That’s when they finally gave him a needle and hooked up an IV.

He spent weeks in a state of delirium and fever they told him afterwards. It seems he got a really virulent infection. Then he was rehabbed to teach him how to get around safely. But now he had a male attendant. He had no idea why. A man who was alive and two legged. He asked him how and the man said he had been emasculated instead. That caused some serious shuddering. But how did the women pick which men they did what to? The fighters were hobbled, the hard penises especially the one’s who came during their collection by any other means than prostate massage got emasculated. If the man just zoned out or went mad , they killed him. And dumped his jism. They didn’t want it. The newly hobbled guy hung his head and cried. Finally just cried. The men held each other for a few minutes.

And he finally got to ask what would happen to him next. His new friend just shook his head. It’s better if you don’t know till it happens.

When he was finally well enough to leave the infirmary, he was taken to a longhouse. A barracks. He was paired with another man and they were shackled together as if they were going to race three legged. With their stumps dangling between them. The enforced intimacy really wore on him at first but then it started turning the corner into trust and dependency. They developed almost a psychic bond about each other’s body. Knowing when the other needed something even before they did themselves.

Then it became sexually charged. Confusing and uncomfortable. Probably some form of prisoner’s syndrome. They relied on each other so it became something more.Every time the women were mean to them, they would turn to each other for comfort. Every time they were beaten or whipped, they would clean each other’s wounds and hold each other thru the tears. And start caressing each other thru the pain even though neither wanted it to be, they couldn’t seem to help it. And in the night, in the dark, they slept butt to butt having just masturbated and cum almost simultaneously.

At this point, his friend was given a dress to wear and his long hair was styled like a woman’s. He looked stunning. That was the last straw. That night, the man gave in to his desires and when he was sure his friend was asleep he put some lube on his penis tip and entered his butthole. Easing it in so slowly then finally starting to rock inside his friend and reaching a finger in so he could massage his prostate too. His friend woke up and started begging him to stop but he couldn’t. The begging just made him more excited. He fucked him harder and harder and rubbed his prostate until his friend came and then he did. Like he never had before.

Weeks went by of this and even though he heard his friend tell the guard about his bad behaviour, he got nothing out of his complaint. Just more furious fucking. And very little tender regard. So there was blood and tears in the anus. And he could hardly sit any more without wincing and shifting. Even on a cushion. But he still came first every night. The man made sure of it.

Finally he was so sore, he offered a deal.He would bring him off in his mouth if he would just give his butt some time to heal. Okay on one condition the man said. It had to be in the bathroom in the day time. When they might get caught. And punished. Cuzz though he hated pain and shame he loved the thought of, threat of getting pain and censure. The possibility. Dressed like the woman again. His friend agreed. With a tear on each cheek.

(huh, stay tuned for another part. well you have to know they are going to get caught right? but did you see what just happened when the story began? )


They planned their tryst in the afternoon when almost everyone had activities; chores, hobbies, naps. Friend went first so he could dress himself he said. Then our man went, salivating the whole time. He did so love a good blow job. And he wanted to know what a man could do for him that a woman would never know. He was extra excited.

He was also surprised to see the bathroom was dark except for a few candles at the end. Where friend waited for him as a very hot woman. He had forgotten how hot. He began unzipping as he walked forward. And friend got down on his knees. He said to friend the better you do at this the more likely i will turn to this instead of using your butthole as i wish. Friend said i understand.

Friend put his hands then his lips on our man’s penis and started licking and sucking. It was crazy making and made our man very excited.

But just as he was seriously getting into the groove, the lights came on and out of the stalls came two very big men. They grasped our man and dragged him from the bathroom to the office of the head woman. With his zipper still down. His hard penis still out.

She looked at him and grinned. So you can get a hard on. We treat such men differently here. Had you not heard? He whimpered and fell to his knees begging for mercy. She just laughed. She motioned to the men to hold him down and came over to him. You are a very devious and complicated man. So i must think of a way to make you an example to our other men here. But first i must mark you so all know you by sight.

Out of the fire place, she drew a poker that was red hot and had an L on the end. He went white hoping she didn’t mean to brand him but she did. On his face, on his cheek. He shrieked and slumped against the men almost losing consciousness. Finally he felt a cooling substance used on his cheek and passed out cold.

When he woke, he found himself in a hospital bed and worried if he was still intact he checked his penis and testicles. They were still there! The woman guarding him grinned when she saw what he did. You really don’t imagine we would let you sleep thru that do you? Her laugh sent chills and nausea thru him.

She rang a bell and in came a big man whom he had never seen before. Sir, she said and curtsied, Our man’s jaw dropped. The man laughed and said please introduce me to this liar. The woman turned and said you have the honour of meeting our lady’s mate. And she left.

Then the head woman came in and kissed her mate on the cheek. They smiled fondly and she asked if he was ready. He nodded yes. She sat in a chair and gestured that he should begin.

He removed the sheet from our man and pulled an insanely sharp and evil looking knife out. He also pulled out a needle. This will make it so your body can’t move. And placed the injection. Our man was ill. And shivering and shaking. He had the most horrible fear now. In a few moments he was checked to see if he was paralytic and was. The mate drew the knife and removed the ball sac from the testicles and removed them then closed the open wound. Doing all the bits tidily. Our man screamed in the horrendous agony and lay there unable to do anything beyond that screaming. Wanting to die.

But it wasn’t over yet. Then the mate began prodding his butthole. Rimming and then fucking the hole. With the gore still on him. The mate then climbed onto the bed and put his penis in the butthole of our man and began fucking him deep and hard. The head woman said, isn’t this what you were doing to your friend? When you thought no one knew? Till you ripped him and may have caused him permanent injury because you wouldn’t leave him alone? Tell me isn’t it? He screamed yes it is.

His legs were moved up so the mate could go deeper and faster until he finally blew his load deep inside. And withdrew. She came over and said I’m just glad we had his jism first. She inspected his work and said nicely done as usual. He smiled and said thank you, love. He went over to the sink to clean up. She said to our man you will be allowed to rest for a bit. Then we will show the others what we do to such as you here. And she left.

One of the men came into the room and washed him down and replaced the sheets and sat with him while he sobbed and eventually vomited. When he was able to get the stuff out of his stomach. Then he was cleaned again.

After dozing and crying, finally the head woman came back with her two burly men. They lifted him and carried him outside to the main courtyard and sat him in the middle of the crowd naked. So all gathered could see him. And he cringed and shied as they all paraded to look. He felt so horrible there as they laughed and mocked him for his new status. The lowest of the low they called him. A slave, a cripple, a liar and a eunuch!! He can fall no further here. He just sat there shivering and waited to die. But somehow he knew they would never let him.

No it’s not the end of our man. But it is to our story. Did I go too far? IDK.


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