Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2015 at 5:32 PM
it could be as simple as making a public vs private comment about someone that leaves them embarrassed and feeling isolated and / or betrayed by your thoughtlessness. or lack of caring for their feelings or social position.
it could be about belittling them and their role in society or stepping on their dream to forward yours and lift yourself up.
it could be about reducing them to a smaller stature or role than they are entitled to.
it could be about using them as a toilet or a verbal punching bag or whipping post or maybe even physical one. it could be about reducing their sexuality and passion to things and events vs. part of their identity. it could be about battering and pushing at them until they are who you want them to be. rather than who they should and could be if left to chance and talent.
it could be about nudity and body perception and self esteem.
until they are sitting in a puddle of their own wastes begging you to let them die or kill them. that is social death. what i tried to portray in amazons. when they have nothing left. but you. and you walk away laughing.


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