Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 3:49 PM

Do you expect a romantic adventure straight out of the movies? (awww)

Or a porn climax Hugh Hefner might publish? (drool)

Do you talk for an hour to plan each action before you do it? Then an hour afterwards too? (yawn – I’d be asleep, not having sex 😦 )

For me, the first time with a guy has always been complex, not great, not horrible, eh now why did I do it again? Oh yeah cuzz as you get to know each other, it gets better.
I have a high sexual desire, am ready for it, but it takes more than me to make it work well. And it works even better if it’s more than just sexual heat between us too.
You start to read each others’ cues and figure out when you touch just there they do that groan moan cry thing they do that makes you hot for them. And you figure out just how things fit best, move best, and when you two are in sync. All by just a look in their eyes. That mouth thing they do when they’re ready to scream.
It doesn’t take words, or a contract, it takes knowing your partner. It takes being in it for more than a fuck.
That’s why I’m a slow go but when I get in that mood, oh I’m there.

I wonder at times if going too fast and having too high expectations are why people have so many regrets they call it a violation? What do you think?

I wonder if that may be part of the whole issue of post-sexual regrets? Are your expectations too high?

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