Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 3:52 PM

Have you ever felt like your body is so different from your friends or family members that you just have to do something about it? Well most of us do at some point in our lives. And we might hit the gym and take some classes, work out. pump iron, go on a diet, start jogging, power walking …
Every January a lot of people make New Year’s Resolutions about their weight.
Most teenagers feel less than confident about their body esp when they are starting to think about having sex.
People even get some diet supplements and/or appetite suppressants from their health food store or their doctor/pharmacy.
Pregnant women often feel horrible about their weight/size esp in the last trimester. And right after the birth.

We all have issues with our body, even athletes and supermodels.

So what stretches a person’s self-image to the point where they can’t look in a mirror. Where they are delusional about what they actually look like?

ANOREXIA – those who suffer from this issue make themselves vomit so they lose weight.

BULLEMIA – these people binge and purge to maintain or lose weight.

STEROIDS – these people want muscle mass and don’t think exercise will ever be enough.

MORBID OBESITY – weight gain to the point where they can’t move they are so large and their body no longer functions as it should.

In each of these conditions they are willing to risk their lives, their hearts esp and put their bodies repeatedly into a state of shock, play with their electrolyte levels to have an ideal weight. They don’t see themselves accurately.

Often they were the victims of some form of abuse, esp sexual abuse. They want to work out the pain they feel on their bodies, hide themselves in a state where they feel safer and in control by following the disease’s patterns.

They are willing to die to have control over their bodies.

How does this relate to fetishes, kink and bdsm? Self image or self esteem are one of the cornerstones of sexuality.

What do you think about your self image and how has that affected your sexual choices in your life?

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