Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 4:25 PM
i know you sadists want to torture your masochist, and i just may have some tips that even the most suspicious vice cop would have a hard time proving. well in court. 😉

needles & coloured ink (you are a fisher & crafty 😉 )

for those who like body art as ownership tags? how about sewing kit or fishing tackle ? lots of fresh clean pointy objects and please keep them sterile!!! that you dont have to hide when friends, family or the baby sitter come over. 🙂 they dont have to be pro. prisoners do them and street artists too. 😉 it’s not one prick that hurts, it’s many. (lol) take that phrase to your next orgy, my compliments.)

* weights, electric tape and stretchy rope ( you are fit & a home repair type 😉 )

internal or external these could strain even the naughtiest of your partners and rarely leave a mark

camping supplies ( you are outdoorsy 😉 )

tent ropes and spikes you can bond someone to the ground or an empty building and a big nap sack or cooler (even with some ice in it) to put your bad partner in when they need some alone time (or you do). there’s always your vehicle trunk if the motor is off!! 😐

a ski mask or bike helmet (you are sporty 😉 )

put it on backwards and instant hood for sensory deprivation and so you dont see their face if you dont want to.

knives (you are a chef or a fisher 😉 )

a chef is never without his or her knives even amateurs. so put a few spices with a good chef’s kit. or read up to the fishing tackle again. they can be heated for instant branding too. 😉 um wouldnt use the flat if i were you the part that cuts would make a line that would pass as fresh tats in a pinch. 🙂 especially if you are patient enough to make a design 😉

matches, candles ( you are a romantic planning a picnic or outdoorsy 😉 )

if you keep any burns to areas covered by clothing you are golden

hair brush, paddles

instant spanking machine with other purposes 😉

an old fashioned corset

the kind that you had to lean over a chair and have someone tie you into. it is a bad back away from being your bondage and respiratory control mechanism.

nothing is openly sadistic but all can be used to torture. have fun 😉 and be safe!!


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