Ladies’ Choice (the slave auction)

Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 4:39 PM
Subject: Ladies’ Choice (the slave auction)
step one

invite my gals over for a very special day.

step two

plan the wine and food for the event. I’m thinking some antipasto . give it a greco-roman feel. with some grape leaf wrapped bites and some stuffed olives. along with a simple but clear white wine. yum delish.

step three

set my slaves to task with gathering some human samples of fine bodies. some women and some men. gather them early so we are sure they are well fed and clean. have them inspected by a physician. can’t be too careful. double delish. hold them in the cellars.

step four

set my slaves to gathering the proper tools. the girls will want some ropes and chains to take their slaves home, some blindfolds, hand cuffs, small whips (just gotta keep them hidden till its exit time or the potentials will be marred before they are purchased. cant occur!!)

step five

plan the venue. somewhere with plenty of hellenic columns. and a long catwalk off a stage. there needs to be a closed off area where the samples can be inspected by potential buyers. teeth, skin, (drool), orifices and appendages. (my fave but i have friends who will love the other 😉 😉 )

step six

buy the outfit!! a very greek looking toga style look with spike heeled mixed with flip flop look. and a wreath design in fig leaves for my hair.

step seven

plan a golf day for any husbands and have a rain plan just in case. oh gods yes!!


i can see it now. the girls all dressed in their finest while the potentials parade naked before them and touching them every chance they get. sighs. i wish it could be today!! i am burning now!!


keep an eye on the keepers so they dont damage the merchandise!! or perhaps have minders i know i can trust. who dont like sex, just the precursors. carers, not those who like to discipline. oh i know just who!!yes, that is a better idea. oh its all coming together. i can see it now!! drool

excuse me now, pls?

I have to go masturbate. uh yes. this is the best idea yet. the girls will love it!!

Ms P


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