Sent: Sunday, May 03, 2015 at 4:32 PM

1) it works better if there is a friendship as your primary goal.
if you approach your life and the decisions you need to make together you have a better quality relationship.
If you lean on each other when the world and the people in it stress you instead of fighting each other too.
if you respect the fact that you need each other to make this work and respect each other as equal participants in the relationship you have a better chance of succeeding
2) it works better if you have a fairly equal sexual drive. If one is unhappy, both are. But you can’t possibly spend all day and night every single one having sexual relations so you have to get along.
3) Whether one is passive and one is aggressive or whatever your dynamic is, you have to balance each other out. Like in a teeter totter. You have to be of equal weight.
4) Your fantasy has to be similar. It’s true the human body has only so many holes and appendages, but there are many variations and toys you can use to add pleasure or pain to the dynamic energy. It may be ok to rage in the passion but it deters to rage about the passion.
5) aspects
a) domination and submission
b) power and control
c) sexual activities and the human body
d) expression and outlet for emotion
e) working thru your body and social image issues with sex as your conduit
f) feeling connected, intimate with each other

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