Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 4:27 PM
i am a domme. i like to be in control of my sexuality and my partner’s too. it’s who i am.

i am a flirt, a tease and i have really good manners when i use them. some mistake this as an interest in being a sub.i’m not!! not even the least little bit.

i have a very keen interest in sexuality and the human body. i get turned on when sex is approached in the right "vibe" or energy with me. i have a very gray idea of what sex is and how the body should be used. some think this means i would want all we speak of to be done to me. i would not!! (sometimes in ur telling i see it being done to you LOL)

i have some empathy for the sub and the masochist cuzz i know what real pain feels like and see some of what gets done in the name of BDSM as play as a result.

i know what psychological torture and manipulation are and they go well beyond charm with me. so what i do is treat my sub as a friend unless we’re in scene. i listen, i make sure they feel safe, i put resources in for them if i see a need. i dont use humiliating words or techniques. i always provide them with an out.

i dont ask a sub to dom me and i hate it when a dom tries to dom me. its not who i am any more than being the other is them. but some feel that they can because i’m a woman and because i say things softly and nicely instead of yelling or swearing. when i am at my angriest though, i am my quietest and you better stay out of my immediate range. or worse? i just turn and walk away. we’re done. a knife couldnt cut cleaner.

i have a long fuse and second guess myself about my decisions made in anger and many see that as indecisive. i say i’m just not ready to act yet. but i will if it continues this way. make no mistake.

if you can respect that is who i am? i would love to be ur friend. Ms P


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