do no harm (not just for med students to learn)

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do no harm (not just for med students to learn)
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I’ve bumped up against this in my personal life (another story) and as a writer/reader of erotica. SO I wanted to say something about it.

In my erotica,

I fought my conscience in my Amazons story. Traditionally, the Amazon myth says the man must die at the end of his enslavement. But according to the TOUs of Fetlife as I read them I couldn’t eroticize murder. I was writing an erotic piece, so how was I to end it and pay homage to the myth?
I also have studied psychology and know about something called homicidal ideations. Where is the line between writing a story and expressing an ideation?
SO I looked it up (being an avid researcher and having good resources). Homicidal ideations require the following elements: a target (person you want to kill cuzz they POed you), a plan (how you want to kill them), a passion or motive (X dude POed me off by doing this and I feel mad, sad, scared now and must act, X dude must pay or I must be safe from him)

In my kinky mind,

what it is we do causes pain and damage and in some ways and places more than others is a crime which places us at jeopardy especially if someone dies during the acts. We could be liable in that case for felony murder charges. In the commission of a violent crime, a life was taken whether or not we intended it to be so. We could be charged with gross or criminal negligence if adequate care wasn’t taken. Or if it was found proper consent wasn’t given or if the investigators and society where it took place said that such consent wasn’t possible. (It’s a crime, you can’t agree)

In the larger world,

And morally/ethically, most religions ask individuals to not kill. (Armies and temples can it seems, but not individuals)

So that was my thought process when I wrote that piece ( didn’t kill my guy but he sure was ostracized – a social death vs a physical one) and again this week when I read another erotic "story". (Yes there’s a good reason why the quote marks are there).
I took issue with it being labeled as a piece of fiction or therapy in a break up because it met all the criteria of homicidal ideations. (look above). I also know that break ups are often a motivator in murder and women die that way far too often.
There was a broohaawhaaw. (probably continuing) Caretakers were notified, a mod left the group and the thread was closed. But it’s still posted.

the legal position/sources

(so you don’t call me a liar or an idiot.)

1rst degree murder- deliberate planning:premeditation or malice afore thought
2nd degree murder- with malice, doing a harmful act without just cause or legal excuse
felony murder- commission of a felony, as a consequence of a criminal act or offense (robbery, rape, stalking, battery)
voluntary manslaughter- kills after provocation or without intent
involuntary manslaughter- accidental death during some activity you were responsible for

read these and tell me what you think.


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