Difference between domination and abuse. IMO

Sent: Friday, November 27, 2015 at 6:20 PM
Subject: Difference between domination and abuse. IMO
There are specific things that make it a LOT easier for someone to over power another human being in what we do. I think it’s valid to at least say be careful when engaging in these things. (at least)

TPE (total power exchange)
Master/slave contracts
If you hand over all your power to someone else, they may take advantage. Is that hard to understand?
I don’t think it’s being a "1 twue way" person to say at least consider the possibility that humans thru history have abused power when there were no limits on them as to how they used it. And ultimately it’s YOUR life and safety you are placing in their hands. SO take the time and get to know them. The best examples I have seen of these dynamics are when a couple has been married for years THEN begins this type of relationship. It is NOT begun without you even having met in real life. (though in some ways this may be safer than those who start on their first date)
They are still a human being subject to the laws and morality of your location and your community. If either of you loses sight of that, there’s a problem.
I get you want to throw yourself in fully to the romance and the seduction of bdsm. It’s heady and fun at it’s best. But at it’s worst, it’s lethal. And at that point, there are no do-overs.
I get you want to trust your partner, but there are predators who use these mechanisms as their honey traps, and if you allow them full say/power, no one will help you out. They can’t can they?
I’m saying consistently, to please show caution. I’m not saying no one can ever succeed or have fun at it. But be sensible. Is that really too hard a line to take?


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