Sent: Monday, April 27, 2015 at 8:47 PM
Subject: CONSENT IS:

being able to understand the actions you do and feelings you have and deal with the consequences or outcome of them.


1) the brain (esp the frontal lobe, for executive decision making) is not fully developed till you are in your early 20’s yet the legal age of consent is usually 18.
2) being morally conscious is something that most theorists say most grownups never achieve beyond a teenage level
3) most ppl are below adult level ability to self regulate according to most theorists.
4) most ppl are on some form of drug or alcohol which at least impairs their judgments and abilities to make decisions.
5) most religions teach young girls that men are the penultimate authority and should make decisions for them, which leaves them vulnerable.
6) most social groups teach that you should respect your elders.
7) some ppl are ppl pleasers and couldn’t say no if their life depended on it (literally)
8) in a relationship, you want to please and live a drama free life.

so what is consent really? UM bullshit??

unless you find a peer to you? equal to you in mental capacity?


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