capture and confine

Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 4:36 PM
Subject: capture and confine
we have our own village here. for generations our villagers have been sending their young to us. they know we take good care of the families of our slaves. and so they happily turn them over to us when we go to the village with our shackles.

the brutes i send know well what i look for and happily collect just that. i don’t even have to go anymore. mmmm so good. they take pride in their work and i take pride in them.

the children are cosseted away from the scene and the young adults are gathered for us by their own parents.

they are asked if they wish to participate and if they say yes, and it seems genuine, they are told to strip their clothes off. the brutes examine their bodies and see if they are clean and well fed enough that a few days of feeding up will flesh them out a little. and if they seem aroused by the crowd and their own nudity. yes i mean they check their genitals there and then. those are the choices the brutes bring home to me. in shackles and neck collar they lead them thru the village and to my home. mmm . it is such a cool parade to watch.

when they arrive at my home, they are put in the cells that have their own courtyard so they can walk around. and get fresh air. my doctor meets them and examines their skin and genitals and mouth. he is very thorough. i have often offered him the chance to have a slave and he blushes and refuses. yet i catch him rubbing himself. after he has been touching the new slaves. mmmmm nice

the brutes love the new slaves too. they are meant to train them in obedience while they are in the cells. the whole time the slaves are nude; toileting is very closely supervised; and afterwards, the brutes inspect them for cleanliness. mmm yes. they rub their genitals with a potent cream that flushes and activates the area. the doctor and i came up with the formula. it really arouses the skin, in men, it makes them hard. and in women, it makes them wet. mmm and they can’t seem to help touching themselves. but that is discouraged by slapping their hands when they try. the brutes may play with them rubbing the holes on the women as they handle them. i have a special female guard who rubs the men up too. but never when the slave desires it or when the cream is freshly applied. desire is at the command of the owner not the wishes of the slave. and the slaves must learn this.

they are fed up and trained to respond to command. only a few of them actually make it to auction day. but those who do ? ohhhh mmmmmmm yess they are delish and my friends agree.

yess i make good slaves!!


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