Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 4:36
the day has finally arrived and so have the girls.!! omg i am so hot!! all i’ve been doing this week is masturbating and having my slave eat me out. mmmm he is so good at it.

the slaves have all been gathered at the venue and my girls are going to get a chance before the auction to examine the merchandise. mmm it’s my fave part.. mmm yeah opening their mouths and examining the teeth and their mouth for any flaws; any lesions, decay; looking over their nude bodies and touching them anywhere we want. mmmmmm rubbing their nipples and pinching them. then we clip them for the catwalk mmm yum. rubbing their genitals and seeing how trained the slaves made them. they are to respond when we want them to. and omg these specimens are so well trained. no finger was disappointed. no ear was refused moans or little screams as they fingered genitals and rectums. mmmm. one of my friends is so good at getting sexy sounds, we use her in the live slave auction. mmmm. it’s just so hot. having them stand tied to two columns and feeling them up. letting them see they have an audience, and some actually cum when they are paraded around with everyone rubbing them as they walk by. mmm. i usually buy at least one that cums for my personal training. but this is for my friends. grrrr. my slaves are there to pleasure me not the other way around!! today is their last orgasm but oh do i make them want it!! mmm omm umm mmmmm i am so mean!!

and the special show is the best looking man and woman slave are giving us girls a live sex show. they are gonna suck on each others’ genitals till we tell them to stop. and that may or may not be related to their orgasms. the crowd has to do the old emperor’s thumb up or thumb down thing if they can have an orgasm or not. any slave who has one without permission gets hung upside down for a while and spanked on their butt. mmm we draw straws to see who gets to discipline today. mmm i hope it’s me. i finger their buttholes and whisper about my little friend the anal probe in their ear. mmmm some look so turned on i almost cum in empathy. mmmmmmm

the girls are so excited cuzz after the show they get to take their slaves home and use them any they wish. and some of my friends are little bitches. they raise welts that would make me go down ommm yeah and sometimes they let me come over to watch…. mmmm oh i do love those days. mmmm yeahhhh ooo

this is such a good day it is mmmmmmmmmmmmmyeahhhhhh


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